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  1. Hi, Norah I launched my business only one week ago following a couple months of planning and maybe a lifetime of thinking about it. So sorry to hear of the rough patch you've been through but I can tell your optimism will pull you out of this funk and push you on full speed toward success. I don't know how other people deal with the overwhelmed thing but for me, recovery from it always starts with a List. I use something called a Scrum Board to keep me moving. On the wall right behind my monitor here, I've made 3 columns with these signs, "Backlog", "Doing", and "Done". I use post-it notes and write one task on a post-it. I will tell you that some days I've had 20 of those yellow squares lined up in the "Backlog" column. (In the extremely dark days of the past, I will confess to having one that said "Shower" and another that said, "Get Dressed".) For the purpose of business start-up, each morning I brainstorm for a few moments and place every task I can think of on a post-it, and then line them up, one right under the other, in the "Backlog" column. Next step - choose one task and place it under the "Doing" sign. Every time you look up, you'll see what you should be working on. You don't have to think about all those other things hanging over your head, your job right now is to focus on that one yellow square in the "Doing" column. And of course, moving that completed task over to the "Done" column is the best feeling ever! That sense of accomplishment will move you forward to choose the next task to move from the "Backlog" column to the "Doing" column. I leave everything on my wall until the next morning when I take one last look at yesterday's progress, and then clear off the "Done" column and begin the process again. I've never moved across time zones and so I'm not sure how that impacts a business, but I am sure someone can address this for you. Norah, I look forward to getting to know you and cheering you on! We can be newbies together. No matter what happens, keep moving, even if it is just one post-it at a time.
  2. What is currently the best way to back-up my website outside of WordPress? Right at the moment I do not blog on the site and do not foresee more content being added routinely. However, I am such a newbie that any of that is subject to change! Looking forward to your advice.
  3. Hi, Therese Looking forward to learning more about your VA adventure and I must say . . . I love the banner on your new website! Wow!
  4. Hi Tracy! I have family in the Knoxville area of Tennessee! So beautiful, especially this time of year. I look forward to getting to know you, and wish you all the success in the world!
  5. Hi Maribel- Handshake, my fellow Floridian! I'm new to the VA world, also - just getting my feet wet. Well, ok, only my toes so far . I look forward to getting to know you better! Best wishes, Cathy
  6. Hi Natalie- I really like your website! Just getting ready to develop mine so I feel like a hungry little critter, looking over everyone's websites fast & furiously! I think yours is a real winner! Best wishes- Cathy
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