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  1. lux2bizz


    Welcome to the forum Kathrine, and succes with your business.
  2. Welcome to the forum Dhia, i believe that with skills in WordPress, SEO and administration you should find clients if you market yourself. Wish you all the best with your business.
  3. lux2bizz

    Any Direct Selling / Network Marketing VA here?

    I've worked with Direct sales distributors in the past. Mostly sales training and generating leads. In the past i've worked with several distributors. Recently i signed up with Lifeplus and started as a independent associate. In my opinion when your in Direct sales you are a VA to your downline (your task will be to help them to succeed and by doing so become succesful yourself). So training and support would be VA services you could offer.
  4. lux2bizz

    New Member

    Welcome to the forum Anita, wishing you all the best with your business.
  5. If your in sales you can offer training and support as VA services. Working with Direct sales distributers in the past i offered generating and following up leads to attent at seminars, also sales training. Recently i started as a independent Lifeplus associate.
  6. lux2bizz


    Welcome Nikki, and success with your business.
  7. lux2bizz

    Are there any indiviual VAs around anymore?

    I'm working independently, most of my clients i get from mouth to mouth but i also got a few from my website. Also i post in some groups on facebook.
  8. lux2bizz

    Hello..a newbie

    Welcome to you both, Rosegold and Explas.
  9. lux2bizz

    New member from NY

    Hello Nai Douglass, and welcome.
  10. lux2bizz

    FREE places to network at locally

    Dutch Chamber of Commerce has an app called KvKconnect, you can find other freelancers and they can find you. I'm also with some groups on Facebook and freelance agencies such as freelancedeals.
  11. lux2bizz

    New to Group!

    Welcome to VAnetworking forum.
  12. lux2bizz

    Touch Down

    Hi Ross, welcome to the forum.
  13. lux2bizz

    Tracking calls

    Some VoIP providers offer recording and call time tracking. Also you could look for android apps providing detailed call time statistics on Google play.

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