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  1. Well my opinion here is that if you are just starting a VA business I agree that you will outsource. For the first question, Yes you need to really have an agreement so that both party knows the deal and also your outsourced team must know this also because they are part of the deal. Second, You don't need to tell your clients that you are outsourcing your team, just make sure you can provide the necessary service.
  2. I agree to Lily Chambers, when it comes to outsourcing you really need to share some private information or you need to disclose classified information in order to grant an access to the company that you outsourced. Maybe in doing a contract, state a non-compete agreement so that when you outsource you will be secured and the outsourcing company will shoulder if something happens with the project or the account.
  3. Awesome Lily! thank you for sharing this one. We also use Quickbooks in our accounting and bookkeeping services because it is easy to understand and manipulate, when we teach our people to use it they can get it within the fast pace. Regards, Yazmin Barajas, Marketing Offshore Business Processing Accounting Solutions Provider
  4. For me, facebook page and seo(organic traffic results lol)
  5. Hi im Yazmin Barajas i work for Offshore Business Processing, the company provides services such as accounting, call centre, data entry and IT services. I hope i can be a big help here and i hoping that i can share anything i know here. Cheers!
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