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  1. I had an interview yesterday on At Home Biz Radio. Here is the link: http://tinyurl.com/29823ee She also did a blog post after the show: http://toyourfuturesuccess.blogspot.com/2010/06/step-by-step.html
  2. Hmmmm....I'd say green for $$$ but green is my least favorite color. So let's go with PINK! ROFL
  3. Hey ladies, I wanted to share - http://www.examiner.com/x-26966-Columbia-I...siness-Examiner One of my clients writes for the Examiner.com and has had a lot of success. And they are ranked well on alexa so that is a plus too. -Karen
  4. I used to have them the same but my bank (actually a credit union) recently changed rules and I couldn't deposit checks in my personal account that were Pay to my business name - even though my last name is part of the business name. Another thing to consider - I had a joint savings account with my husband that I put most of my business funds in. Now he and I are having problems and the account is froze so I can't take the money out. Karen
  5. Yes, I do - Untangle The Social Media Web How To Create Publish and Sell Your Ebook Thanks Pat - it is a very cool feeling. Karen
  6. I am so excited because two of my books are now available on Amazon.com! How to Create, Publish and Sell Your Ebook and Untangle the Social Media Web are in print! These books have previously been available as ebooks but are now my first "print" books. I never realized how "giddy" that can make a person feel! LOL - Karen
  7. That worked - thank Patty. I need to find something closer to home. I'm working on coming out of my box and out from behind the keyboard. Face-to-face networking is hard for me. Karen
  8. Tawnya - I can't open your last link - it comes up "forbidden". This was a great idea. -Karen
  9. Thanks for the congrats! It felt awesome yesterday when I had a new client consultation to tell them I was VAcertified! -Karen
  10. WHooo HOOOOO! I just received the news that I am VAcertified!!! Can't wait to tell the world!!!!! Karen
  11. Congrats! Very cool! I'm still waiting patiently....anxiously.....hopefully...... Karen
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