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  1. Thanks Tawyna and Tracey. I do full virus scan on a regular basis. I switched to IE and it seemed to help. Will try clearing the brwser cache.
  2. I have been having a lot of issues in 1SC with it not loading a page. I have to hit refresh and sometimes this works but more often I am sent back to the home page or I have to close the browser completely. I'm using Chrome. Anyone else have similar problems? This has started in the last few months - and it's getting frustrating. Thanks, Karen
  3. Hi, I need someone to help with a website set up with Buddypress. Quick! If you are a Buddypress expert and have some time, please email me - Karen@hitvirtualassistants.com Thanks! Karen
  4. I would love to win the Lenovo ThinkCentre M90z Computer! I would be an awesome upgrade to the current system I am using for business. More power! Yeah! This would also benefit my kids because, as a single mom, I pass down my old computers to the boys to use. They get as excited as me when I get an upgrade because that means they get one too. LOL Karen Salter
  5. Hi, I need someone to do some periodic sub work with a Joomla website. Please email me if you are a Joomla expert! Karen@hitvirtualassistants.com (formerly Salter Virtual Assistants) Thanks!
  6. I use GIMP alot but can't get it to open a PSD file?
  7. Very easy to do. Open up in Photoshop and save file as a png. I can convert it for you. Thanks! I know how to do it but unfortunately don't have Photoshop. Will you email so I can send you the file? karen@salterva.com Thanks! Karen
  8. Hey, I have a file in PSD that I need in PNG. It's a web banner. Can anyone help me out? Thanks, Karen
  9. Okay, I'm already beating myself for not having online back up or adequate local backup. Duh. BUT my computer crashed last week. My totally awesome remote tech guy, Michael, says that the hard drive is crashed. I need to find a data recovery company to try and get the data off my harddrive. I'm checking locally but thought someone here may have a recommendation? I have purchased a new computer and now have a Carbonite subscription. Lesson learned. Thanks! Karen
  10. It kind of depends who's asking. It it's a casual question from someone with little internet knowledge, I say something like: I do typical work that an administrative assistant in your office would do but I complete the work via the internet or phone. My clients are throughout the U.S. and Canada. If it's someone who is more than casually interested and knowledgable of the internet: I assist entrepreneurs and small business owners with their administrative and internet marketing tasks so they can do what they do best - their business. -Karen
  11. Okay, I seem to get weird issues. My client has a document created in Word. It is a header and a table with 1 row (full page height) and 4 columns. When I open it, it shows up as one page. When SHE opens it or converts to pdf, it comes up with a 2nd page that only has the header. We can't get rid of the 2nd page. Any clue?? Karen
  12. A client of mine has produced a video she wants to sell. She uploaded to the server as wmv. However I cannot get a link for download to work in IE - the tech support at host says it works in Firefox and it must be a coding issue. I know nothing about videos (which the client knows btw). Anyone familiar with this? Please email me - karen@salterva.com Thanks! karen
  13. Leann - this is truely just weird. I made a page named blog and set than in the read setting but it still just puts the info from the front page there. It won't put the blog posts. I am turely stumped - it's not like it's my first or only WordPress site! Karen
  14. Where it says Front Page Displays? If I put a page in for the Blog, it puts the font page content on that page NOT the blog posts.
  15. Leanne - The blog is here - http://www.lisakitterspiritualawakening.com/category/blog/
  16. This is just weird. Two sites using the Canvas (from WooThemes) WordPress Themes. Set up is identical accept for a couple of additional plugins - I went through and checked. But on one site the link to the blog will not show up on the menu! It used to but then one day it disappeared and I can't figure it out. Anyone have a suggestion?? The sites are: www.lisakitterspiritualawakening.com (blog link won't come up on this one) www.eynp.com (the one with same theme/set up) Thanks!
  17. Here is an example - http://www.davidjeremiah.org/shop/ The software actually does the product pages as opposed to say 1 shopping cart where you just get the payment buttons and back end functions.
  18. Hi, Doing some research for a client that wants a shopping cart with store front. One she likes is aspdotnetstorefront. Does anyone having any opinions on this or recommendations? Thanks, Karen
  19. Thanks Tawyna, I will check my Twitter. I don't use it alot so a DM would be very unusual. I do have MS Securtiy Essentials - Michael VanErt set it up for me!
  20. I posted on my blog and Facebook as well as sending to all my clients. One client responded saying she had received the bogus email 12 times! Luckily, she knew not to click on the links. (I trained her well! )
  21. Please do not click on ANY links in an email reportedly coming from eftps.gov regarding a federal tax payment being rejected. This is a virus that was released in mass on October 15th. I received two of these emails today. To read more about the attack read this article on http://www.securityweek.com/cybercriminals-attack-eftpsgov-users-business-targeted-another-massive-zeus-attack A couple things immediately raised flags for me on this email and prompted me to investigate: 1- I don’t use the EFTPS online tax payment system 2- There are several misspellings in the email Always use great caution when clicking on links in your emails!!! If something doesn't look right or is out of the ordinary, google the senders name to find the legitimate website. Also, check the google results for news articles such as the one sited in this post. Be careful out there! ~Karen
  22. I have a client site with a WooThemes template - Canvas. Used custome menu to have Blog on menu bar. All of a sudden it's getting a 404 error. When I try to add the url to the blog, it ends up cutting off the last two letters of the url and the error comes up. Any ideas? Thanks, Karen
  23. Sites are: http://www.eynp.com and http://www.soulremediescom
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