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  1. Kristi Pavlik adonai-llc.com Twitter = @kristipavlik
  2. Hi Tracy - I dont know the answer but Lanel Taylor (tayloredofficesolutions.com)would. She is a VA who also specializes in bookkeeping. Good luck! -Kristi-
  3. Hi Jodie - First off, love your crayon quote - mind if I re-post it? Second, Im not sure 1SC will sync with QB Merchant. I have used QB Merchant for years, and have no problem with their call line support. And yes, Intuit Merchant is the same. Intuit is the parent company of QB. If you go into 1SC it should tell you exactly all the merchant accounts it will work with. If not, you may need to call them.
  4. Ummm - please tell me you were not home, alone with him. My initial read on your post made the hair on the back of my neck stand up. My opinion, never, never, never let them come to your home. Unless of course you have a separate entry to your office (oh how I wish). You know I wish you nothing but the best with this, but please be careful my friend! Also, if he was so insistent on where to meet you, what else is he going to be insistent on. Don't give him too much ;-)
  5. I like the new definition. The only thing I question is the adding virtually at the end. Yes, that is typically how we work, but for some reason it reads funny to me - almost like it is redundant. As for changing the word Virtual Assistant itself: How I classify myself depends on the audience I am with. Most of my clients call me their Virtual Business Manger. They do this because they feel I am more than an assistant to them. I did not change this on my own, it was actually my clients who took it upon themselves to call me that. Now, if I am out networking, then I will say I am a VA, simply from the fact of what others have said - the public is now aware of our industry. I'm sure the same goes for those that call themselves OBMs (Online Business Managers). They do this because most of them work with clients who are Online Marketers - they get that type of language. I think you need to look at the industry you are working in and find the terminology that they will understand. Just my 2-cents.
  6. I am pleased to announce this years MIVA Annual Conference - October 2, 2010. MIVA's very own Nikita Devereaux of Simply Virtual will be our keynote. She has put together a powerhouse workshop platform. This event is open to anyone who is looking to be a VA, who is already a VA and even those who have been a VA for what seems like forever :-) Michigan VAs and Non-Michigan VAs are welcome just the same! For more details, please visit: http://mivaannualconference.eventbrite.com/
  7. Hi Alyssa - First off, Kudos to you for putting your SOP together. There are a lot of business owners out there who don't have these or understand what they are even about. I would like to say though, that there really is no cookie-cutter answer to this as each one of us runs our business a bit different. Now, that doesnt mean you cant take what others have done and tweak them to fit your needs. Here is a starter list of systems you should have in place: - Lead Follow Up - New Client Intake - Ongoing Client Mgt - Ending Client Relations Then if applicable, do these same for if you have a team. Here are some others to go along with those: - Social Media - Financials - Website - Blog - Newsletters - Travel - Product Launch - Teleseminars / Webinars - Joint Ventures - Affiliates - Shopping Cart - Project Management - Phone The list can go on and on - depending on what activities you have within your business. As a VA who specializes in creating systems for our clients as well as teaching others how to create them for their clients, please don't hesitate to reach out to me if you have further questions.
  8. Another way is to set up a category called "Business Expense due to Personal" or "Personal Expenses due to Personal". Its the same concept as Deb's #2 above
  9. Our team meets (as an entire team) once a month. However, I am contact with each member on a individual basis more frequently when warranted. I send out an agenda item request about a week before the team meeting. Everyone is encouraged to send it things they would like talked about. Then I send out the finalized agenda the day before the meeting. I create an agenda, to 1. remind me of what I want to talk about and 2. to keep the time commitment down to a minimum as I pay my team for being a part of these meetings. Basically we talk about the same things you stated, but I also bring up days I will be out of the office, any changes in team and/or client dynamics (new, leaving, etc.). But to be honest, I use these meetings as a way to verbally praise my team for the great job they are doing. I think its important to give them the recognition they deserve in front of others and this is a good time to do it. Hope that helps.
  10. My preference would be to be a "FoVA-ish" style where it is more workshop type vs. actual conference type. I would also like to see more vendors, and not just VA industry ones - Im talking about running a business type, with demos and such.
  11. Hi Karen - Only the person sending that email would know their intent, however, it definitely could have been worded differently. I would be less concerned about the person sending it and focus on how your client reacted to receiving it. Did they get upset that there were "errors" with the mailing, or did they talk it over with you and realize that recipients of the newsletter will see things differently from browser to browser and screen size to screen size. Turn it around and use it as a way to show your client just how wonderful you are. Apologize to them for having had received such an email from someone who obviously has no tact. Reiterate all the things you did and to get the newsletter out properly, etc. If your client is anything like mine are, then he/she will see the email for what it is and just let this one go and not bother with a reply to the sender.
  12. Thanks Patty. Hi Tishia, I encourage you to check us out over at www.michiganvas.com We have VAs scattered all over the state and are in the process of getting our MIVA Meet-Ups going again. Would love to have you join us. -Kristi-
  13. My opinion is that Quicken is used for PERSONAL reasons and Quickbooks is for BUSINESS. Unless they have changed things, you cannot create invoices in Quicken. You might want to reach out to Candy Beauchamp as she is one of our industries leading bookkeeping experts. She might be able to give you a better idea of which way to go.
  14. I have it - and to be honest, am not all the impressed. I use Central Desktop and we can do everything plus more that Wave can do with that.
  15. I am also interested in using Classes in QB. But know very little about them. Maybe this would be a great VA Networking session for Candy to host
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