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  1. Hi Tracy - I dont know the answer but Lanel Taylor (tayloredofficesolutions.com)would. She is a VA who also specializes in bookkeeping. Good luck! -Kristi-
  2. I am pleased to announce this years MIVA Annual Conference - October 2, 2010. MIVA's very own Nikita Devereaux of Simply Virtual will be our keynote. She has put together a powerhouse workshop platform. This event is open to anyone who is looking to be a VA, who is already a VA and even those who have been a VA for what seems like forever :-) Michigan VAs and Non-Michigan VAs are welcome just the same! For more details, please visit: http://mivaannualconference.eventbrite.com/
  3. Another way is to set up a category called "Business Expense due to Personal" or "Personal Expenses due to Personal". Its the same concept as Deb's #2 above
  4. My preference would be to be a "FoVA-ish" style where it is more workshop type vs. actual conference type. I would also like to see more vendors, and not just VA industry ones - Im talking about running a business type, with demos and such.
  5. My opinion is that Quicken is used for PERSONAL reasons and Quickbooks is for BUSINESS. Unless they have changed things, you cannot create invoices in Quicken. You might want to reach out to Candy Beauchamp as she is one of our industries leading bookkeeping experts. She might be able to give you a better idea of which way to go.
  6. I am also interested in using Classes in QB. But know very little about them. Maybe this would be a great VA Networking session for Candy to host
  7. Hey Dana - might want to post the specifics on where it is so people can determine the distance. The Pavlik's will be there - 2 adults, daughter (age 10) and son (age 8).
  8. The 2nd Annual MIVA Conference is now open for registration. We have a fantabulous event planned with two key-note speakers coming in from Canada. Pam Ivey will be on hand to talk about how we, as VAs, can generate more income with Passive Income Streams. Lauren Pibworth will be talking about personal and professional branding and how it ties in with Perception. The entire afternoon will be devoted to networking and open forum discussions. Such topics as how to keep your momentum going, marketing your business, next steps for your business, and how to run / work with a Multi-VA team. MIVAs own Debbie Saro will be on hand to share her experience on what it is like to be a "VAs VA". She is on my team, as well as Pam Ivey's and Pat Williams. And new this year, we will be doing a Pre-Conference Shin-dig! Lauren Pibworth just happens to be a wine expert. She has graciously agreed to do a private wine tasting the night before the conference. Even if you don't like wine, come and join us. Significant others are welcome as well. You do not need to be a MIVA member, nor reside in the State of Michigan to attend. This event is open to all! To register for the conference and/or the wine tasting event, please visit http://michiganvas.eventbrite.com/ For those who need overnight accommodations, please let me know directly as I am working on getting a block of rooms. Hope to see you all there!
  9. You are going to want to get the Premier - Contractor edition then. As far as I know, that is the only version that allows change orders. I have the 2003 Contractor version and use to use it for builders and loved it. I use the Pro 2007 version both internally and for clients now, and you cant do change orders with that.
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