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  1. Hi Tawnya, it's around 8K from earlier this year. I've already sent letters with the invoices to be paid, texts, etc. I'm just tired of dealing with it and I'd rather get some of my money than to have him spending it on whatever. What broke the camel's back were the social media vacation posts I saw week before last. I hear you though on the court thing, my friend owns a property management company and rental court cases go unpaid all the time. I ended up finding a collection agency on Friday referred by a colleague. They're claiming they can get it done in less than 10-15 calendar days, so we'll see. Not sure with 4th coming up but will keep you posted. Thank you, Spurs/Jake JM3 Corp
  2. Hi all, I own a consulting business and have a couple of accounts that are past due grossly. How can I collect my money quickly without having to go to court? One guy is SC and another is in Kentucky. I don't have time to fly to these places. Any experience dealing with this? Best, TxSpurs
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