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  1. I highly suggest you talk to a doctor about how you're feeling. Your sleep disorder may be enough to get you some help until you can get your business up and running.
  2. I'm sorry, for some reason I didn't see this before now. Yes, I used Canva. I'm quite enjoying Canva, although I still think Photoshop is better. There are some things you just can't do in Canva.
  3. Why not use astra and elementor? They're free. And awesome.
  4. I truly haven't decided. I like keeping some of it, but the format of the site needs to change. I really don't like 1and1. The only way I can have a staging site is if I use managed wordpress. I disabled that function because I could install cache mangers or security using managed. I'll have to do this the long way.
  5. I had a discussion with a long time pro designer. After the remarks from Tawnya, and the web designer, I've decided I need to up my game with my website. I'm trying to decide the format for my website and have come up with a few ideas that may keep the spirit of the site while changing the design to something more clean and modern while still remaining feminine, warm, and welcoming. It's been a bit difficult since I don't like the intensely empty minimalist spaces on most current websites but unfortunately that style is very common so I'm going to go with it at least a bit. A question I'm pondering is whether I should take my site offline to work on it or just create it on xampp on my computer, then transfer it to my website in one go after. So what do you think of my new logo?
  6. I've been considering the format of the prices on my website. I'm curious as to whether the site is too busy, and not concise enough when it comes to pricing. Do you think it would be better to have an image showing my services and pricing? Or as it is with a plugin and coding? Lets just start with one page for now. https://yourpersistentassistant/virtual-assistance Thanks
  7. Sounds like you're talking about hot spots. I suggest you google the term hot spot html. Then you can get an explanation of how to do it step by step.
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