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About Me

Hello! My name is Erin Boerema and I am an online entrepreneur, operating out of my home office, located in Jackson, MS and I am an aspiring, and self-motivated virtual business owner and founder of Optimal Virtual Assistance Solutions. I provide professional, precise, and personalized business support solutions to small business owners and entrepreneurs with a multitude of various tasks and services. A few examples of the main services I offer are social media management, marketing support and strategy, graphic design and content curation, email marketing, handling, and newsletter campaigns. These are just a few of the services I offer, and the most routine services I provide to my clients. 

Aside from my online business, I enjoy many activities, although for me personally, the work I do is more like my passion and hobby and I truly enjoy the tasks I perform, as well as creating new posts and content. I also enjoy organizing and planning, specifically on paper, like by bullet journaling, or making checklists. I enjoy learning about new things, and learning new skills to grow and develop my business, as well as myself. 

Click Here to Visit The Optimal VA Solutions Website!   👆

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