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  1. Hi everyone! My name is Tifa (short for Latifa) and I reside in East Africa. I'm pretty new to the VA industry but I bring in a bit of experience from having worked for a few years in the banking industry - both private and public sector, (legal, brand, marketing and corporate affairs) and now, for an NGO (supervising the operations team handling procurement, admin and HR). I've done a course in being a VA and thus far, apart from continuing to search for clients, I've been continuously learning (I'm really excited about the resources I've found thus far in VA Networking), trying to launch my website and revamping my social media presence. I'm both excited and nervous about being a fully functional VA but I've been looking forward to having a flexible schedule that enable me to work from anywhere. Services I'm offering are such as proof reading, email management, scheduling, freelance writing and virtual project management. I'd like to apply most of the skillset (and thus what I'm offering as a VA) I have from my 8am-5pm roles over the years but baby steps, right? I look forward to learning from everyone and as an inquisitee introvert, I'll definitely do my best to be engaged in the group! Thanks in advance for all support!
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