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  1. Wordpress is a good choice. For my clients (non-profits and educators) with limited budgets, I now recommend Weebly.com. The design tools are simple and hosting and a domain name are free with the basic version.
  2. Thank you all for your support for Lisa! In a field of over 100 individuals, large companies, government entities, and educational institutions, your votes helped her come in at second place for the People's Choice award. She was also a finalist for Technology Educator of the Year and Technology Product of the Year. Thanks!
  3. Voting continues until midnight on March 28. The awards people have now updated the leaderboard to show each nominee's name in alphabetical order instead of ranked by number of votes. Thanks to friends and kind strangers in forums and on social media, Lisa has had people from around the world check out her SpanishTechbook (and, hopefully, vote for her too).
  4. Here is a new blog post for those who want to do their own Web hosting research. I'm sure members of this forum can also offer valuable advice.
  5. I have been recommending Microsoft Office Live Small Business Web sites (and hosting and design tools) in this forum for 5 years. Sadly, this free service will be discontinued April 30, 2012. If you are a current user, please log in to your account to the see the Microsoft announcement. This blurb also includes a link to a free 6-month trial Office 365, the monthly subscription service that will replace Office Live Small Business. Yes, The Butler Did It shared some "what should I do?" thoughts when the news broke (with more research to come). I don't regret recommending a free, quality tool to new VAs; I do regret the inconvenience this is causing so many friends and clients.
  6. Knowing what you are passionate about (and what you would rather not do, even for pay) is a great place to start. If you aren't sure, try virtual volunteering to see where your skills and interests intersect. This way, you won't waste time trying to market yourself to everyone--you can pick a niche--and you will make valuable contacts through your volunteering.
  7. I've used both WordPress and DreamWeaver and I'd vote for WordPress for ease of updating, options, online help, and (if you are using this for a client) cost.
  8. Thanks, Linda. Voting has been problematic for many people we know. Some, like you, had trouble with Firefox but Internet Explorer worked. Others failed with IE but succeeded with FF or Chrome. Thank you for trying again AND for voting for Lisa.
  9. Continued thanks to all those who are voting for Lisa and sharing the link at http://www.techquestawards.com/leaderboard with their social networks. You all are amazing! You are also making it possible for an individual--not an organization or a professor at a university with access to an alumni mailing list--to be at the top of the leaderboard. Thank you. Note: post modified because link worked but URL did not cut and paste.
  10. Thank you Ruth and Patty and everyone else who voted or tried to vote! Unfortunately, a number of people have had problems voting. Instead of seeing a clickable gold Vote button which turns gray once you vote, they are seeing an unclickable gray Vote button to start. Lisa hopes these people will try again when that Vote button is gold. No matter what happens, Lisa is encouraged about the amount of attention the SpanishTechbook is getting and how many students will be helped in the process. Thank you all!
  11. My daughter, Lisa, has been nominated for a PA Tech Award for creating the SpanishTechbook, an online beginning Spanish resource she is sharing with Spanish teachers and students around the world. She (and I) would appreciate your vote for her for the People's Choice Award here. Thanks!
  12. You can get Twitter to automatically post a link to your new blog post by going into Settings on the WordPress dashboard. Select Sharing then Connect to Twitter (or whatever social network you choose) and then remember to Save Changes. I know this is not the same as posting the blog in tweets, but I thought it might help someone else.
  13. Debi, Just a thought: an untapped market for you might be transcribing videos. So many people have jumped on the "improve my search engine rankings with videos of me talking" bandwagon. What they really need to offer is a choice of talk (for the auditory learner) or text (for the speed reader) abd that's where you would come in.
  14. Sandra, Welcome! You're off to a great start: you know it's important to introduce yourself by name wherever you go to network and you're smart enough to have picked this group!
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