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  1. Lisa, Although I haven't used Lynda.com recently, I know a current user--a teacher--who highly recommends it. Debbie Lynn
  2. Congratulations Dawn! May this be great press for your business, too.
  3. Candy, May this be the year that everything [starting now] goes smoothly for you and your clients during tax preparation season. One can always hope, right? Debbie Lynn
  4. Congratulations, Janet! I hope this helps your ideal clients find you. Debbie Lynn
  5. Marie, If you do have both accounts at the same bank, make sure your bank doesn't link the two accounts together by adding overdraft protection (if-you-go-below-our-set-minimum-we-will-just-help-ourselves-to-your-other-account). As already mentioned, it does help to use your EIN # for business and your Social Security # only for your personal account. Debbie Lynn
  6. Congratulations, Karen! Do you have Amazon affiliate links for your books? Debbie Lynn
  7. Dana, What a great way to give back to your community. I hope you make it on the GMA broadcast. Debbie Lynn
  8. Kris, When you offered him a flat rate, you obviously expected to continue the kind/amount/hours of work you had been doing for him. Create a flat rate package and spell out what that includes: 10 hrs. per month done within a day of request OR 5 hours per month of immediate response to his requests...however you intend to go on. Candy's points are excellent, too. Debbie Lynn
  9. Wishing all of you going to Montreal safe travel and an absolutely wonderful time! Debbie Lynn
  10. Crystal, I know you will never be compensated for the time you have lost dealing with this, but I hope you will receive all the money owed you soon AND have no residual damage to your credit. Debbie Lynn
  11. Dana, I hope you have a fantastic opening day for The Academy of Legal Virtual Assitance. Debbie Lynn
  12. Shelly, Use PayPal or talk with your bank about the best/fastest/most secure way of receiving money from a particular country. Debbie Lynn
  13. Candy, Well done. Just another reason I tell newbies there are so many wonderful and generous people here at the forum--you're right up there on the list. Debbie Lynn
  14. Congratulations Tawnya! The "sitting home in you pajamas" comments used to bother me until I realized I accomplish more before breakfast ("in my PJs"--or more likely, my exercise clothes) than the people making the comments accomplish in a day. I'm pretty sure that could be said of you, too. Debbie Lynn
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