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  1. Hello everyone: I have a two fold question: Other than PR Web, what other press release sites would you recommend? Also, I haven't written a press release in years. I have a client inquiring and I would like to know if you have any recommendations of an individual who this is all she/he does, or this is her/his area of expertise. Any help would be appreciated. With all my best, Naomi http://www.topshelfva.com
  2. Hello everyone: My client, Rochelle Togo-Figa, just had a movie made for her upcoming Inner Game of Sales Workshop by Doron Ben-Ami. This is extremely different than what is normally out there...you know, those standard slide show movies with text written over each slide. I was blown away with the quality of the production of this movie. There is actual motion picture/video interspersed with the still images, the music was specifically written for this movie alone (no worries about royalty infringement here!), Rochelle's voice over is included in the movie, etc. You can see the video here as a sample of Doron's work. http://www.salesbreakthroughs.com/workshops/igs_event.htm Do your clients have a workshop they want to promote, a major product to promote, do they want to develop an inspirational movie to promote their services...? I want to highly recommend the services of: Doron Ben-Ami (203)740-7463 dbenami@earthlink.net http://www.doronbenami.com PS: Rochelle said he is a joy to work with and really got what she was looking for!
  3. Hi Tawnya: I'm so sorry to hear this happened. Maybe once it is past customs you can ask UPS to expedite the order and change it to overnight or two day? Also, I am still picking you up at the airport and yes, we are still having dinner. I'm looking forward to seeing/meeting you in person!
  4. Tawnya: I am not attending the conference; however, I live here in Charlotte, so if you don't find anyone, you can ship it to me. The hotel is only 15 minutes from where I live (without traffic). I'll be happy to deliver them the night before the event, or whenever you want me to deliver them. Let me know and I will send you my shipping address.
  5. Congratulations on 18 years Sharon! I hope I can write a press release at 18 years saying something similar.
  6. Congratulations Dy. That is a great article.
  7. Correction Cathleen, you did not land your first job! No way, no way, no way did you land your first job. You landed your first client!!! Congratulations. Remember, change the mindset from employee to business owner (even if you are subbing or doing it part-time), you are a business owner. Yippee!
  8. Here are two sources my clients are using now quite a bit. They are both good and allow up to 250 callers on a line. Their web control panels also help you to manage a call very well. Both allow you to record your calls. http://www.nocostconference.com/ (Easier to get additional numbers if you need more than one, e.g. a free teleclass line and a paid teleseminar line. I also like that they have a live chat feature, which I used in the beginning when I had questions. You need to sign up for the web control number in order to record.) http://www.thebasementventures.com/ (Harder to get additional numbers, you need to use a different e-mail address for each number. No direct support of any kind. I think their web control panel is much easier to understand than the one above. Recording feature is automatic. You don't have to sign up under a specific program.)
  9. Wow Rosaliene! Congratulations on your success. I am very proud of you. Not an easy thing to get on TV. Watch, people will be banging down your door very soon.
  10. Terrific ad Candy. Can't wait to hear how well it does for you. The link for your designer was not working for me, even when I cut and paste. Is there a typo there?
  11. I love them Tawnya! They look very professional and you are correct, since I used the HTML before, I did not have to do anything to make changes. It appears correctly on my site.
  12. I really love the new look Tawnya! I can't wait to see the new site.
  13. Hi Jennifer: I think this is a great press release. I really like how it is not a "sales" press release. My only question would be should you have a date (year), or an issue or volume number with George Washington University Forecast of Emerging Technology? I think having this forecast in the press release really adds a lot of weight to it.
  14. Hi everyone: I have received some good feedback from subscribers and clients about my article in this month's Top Shelf Virtual Report! I thought I would share it with you. Enjoy!
  15. Hello everyone: Dawn and I will be holding our E-zines Made Ez teleclass again, starting June 8, 2006. Find out all about it at http://www.ezinesmadeez.com/teleclasses.htm.
  16. Terrific. I have made the correction on my calendar. I am looking forward to sharing with everyone.
  17. Hi Michelle: I am really looking forward to sharing in this chat; however, I think we need to clear something up for everyone. Monday is May 15, 2006. Are we meeting on Monday or Tuesday, which is actually the 16th?
  18. Thanks Leanne. I have used Miva in the past on one site and I was not very happy with it. The system seemed to be very clunky for me. I had one other VA from another forum suggest StoreFront, though she has never used it. She found it through a search trying to help me. Has anyone had experience with this package? Thanks to everyone who is helping me in trying to find solutions for this client. You guys are the best.
  19. I did find this one piece of software PDGSoft; however, it only uses UPS and USPS shipping, it would need to be revised for FedEx. I let my client know about it; however, one design person mentioned the software and wasn't sure about it, so she is not sure about it now. She may be having someone else design the site because there might be the need to have programming done, which I don't do. Has anyone worked with PDGSoft and have any feedback? Or, do you know of something else that is user friendly?
  20. Hello everyone: A client and I have been using 1ShoppingCart for her business; however, it is not as robust as needed for her needs. She has to have the ability to capture information about shipping to multiple addresses. So the scenario would be someone would purchase 10 products and they want 2 products to go to address A, 3 products to go to address B, and 5 products to go to address C. Does anyone know of a shopping cart system that will do this? Thanks!
  21. Wow Candy! Way to go. I am positive your are going to do a great job in your new position with IVAA.
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