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  1. I also signed up immediately. Boy I am really looking forward to this one. I have carefully scheduled each class and time into my Outlook and planner to be sure not to miss any of them. What a treat Tawnya has offered us at this price. Thank you Tawnya! ~Delilah Smith
  2. I hope you all have a wonderful and fruitful time as I know you will. ~Delilah
  3. Good test of skills. I was surprised to read that after high school we only read an average of one book per year! ~Delilah
  4. You guys are hilarious! Boy, I needed the laughter this evening. I may have a few questions about Facebook posted here later when my brain is back to work. ~Delilah
  5. Agreed! Thank you for the endless and talented gifts you continue to offer to us. And what a very creative way of doing it! ~Delilah Smith
  6. How can I protect my wireless laptop from being compromised or my security breached? I read somewhere that it could happen if we don't have certain variables in place. I have a firewall and everything is password protected. I also have Avast!, Spybot Search and Destroy, etc., but not sure if these are enough. How much is too much when it comes to disk cleaning and defragging? How often should we check for the latest patch updates and related items? What is the laundry list that we can follow on a weekly or monthly basis to keep our computers working at an optimum level? After cleaning my computer, running any necessary scans, and downloading all the latest updates, would it be best to completely power down by turning off and unplugging Lynsky wireless modem as well as the cable modem to "reset" it from time to time? Inquiring minds want to know. ~Delilah
  7. Thank you for the link, Patty. I enjoyed Tina's seminar. I have already ordered the book and look forward to reading it soon. ~Delilah
  8. Thank you Tawnya! I just joined the webinar. I plan to return and set up my profile in ki-work.com. I can't wait to explore the site. You sound great in the interview by the way! ~Delilah Smith
  9. Wow! How did I miss this party! Oh yes... Truly a Wonderful and Grand Happy Fifth Anniversary to VANA! Tawnya! For you have developed a streamline of veterans and newbies alike. We've learned all just the same and continue to do so... Happy Anniversary VANA Tawnya Sutherland!!!!
  10. Fantastic Pat! I am a little late on the congrats, but I am so thrilled for you! You and I have had opportunities to chat prior to now and we both can really appreciate the value of the VA Internship program. I am still in the program and can't tell you I thankful I am to be here. When I graduate, I want to grow up and be just like you. ~smiles~ ~Delilah
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