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  1. Oh my goodness! We have our very own "Computer Guy". This is great. And to have you as our moderator, wonderful! Welcome to the forum, Michael.
  2. Hi Arlene! Welcome to the forum. I've been here for some time now and I still continue to learn, grow, and make new friends. Lots to be gained here. Hope you enjoy your stay!
  3. Well, welcome back Nicole! Love the new business name. Very unique indeed! Look forward to seeing more of your postings and getting to know you.
  4. Wow, thank you for this little tidbit. Good to have--and it's free.
  5. I had wondered why the silence around here. You were gone. ~Just kidding. So glad to see you back and on the mend. Take it slow and easy. Welcome back! DelilahS
  6. I also signed up immediately. Boy I am really looking forward to this one. I have carefully scheduled each class and time into my Outlook and planner to be sure not to miss any of them. What a treat Tawnya has offered us at this price. Thank you Tawnya! ~Delilah Smith
  7. What a beautiful little gift! I can imagine how proud you both must be, and probably a little tired too. But it seems you are getting the schedule and everything that goes with it pretty much together. Congratulations to you and yours, Levi! ~Delilah
  8. Goodness. I knew attending FoVA was exciting, but my goodness. All jokes aside, I am glad you are on the mend, Arnie. ~Delilah
  9. It's a great course, Heather. Congratulations on your completion and certification. ~Delilah
  10. As always, wonderful job Diana! Congratulations! ~Delilah
  11. Thanks to the rave reviews on Carbonite here (and the increasing need of a solid back-up system), I decided to sign up today. Thank you ladies. ~Delilah
  12. Good for you, Elayne! Feels great, doesn't it? Congratulations! ~Delilah
  13. Interesting "Act Now!" side bar and up-to-date informational blog posts. You well deserve this award, Angela. Great job! ~Delilah
  14. I hope you all have a wonderful and fruitful time as I know you will. ~Delilah
  15. Wow, Kelley! You've been a member since 2004. I am sure you have noticed quite a few changes since then. Glad to see you back. ~Delilah
  16. Hi Zarah. You will find satisfaction to your quest of information here. Glad to meet you. ~Delilah
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