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  1. I'd like to see non-VA experts on subjects related to running a b2b service business. However, I've yet to attend ANY VA specific conferences so perhaps I'm not even qualified to comment
  2. well done! If I were you, I'd also submit to local news outlets in your area too, or maybe you already did ths.
  3. It always sounds so much fun, when I hear people talking about these events. What about those of us who really ARE introverts - is it easy to mingle with those of you less socially challenged?
  4. How did it go? Will there be a recording. Am fascinated as to how all these social media options work for people. But unfortunately classes interfere with anything on a Wednesday.
  5. Sally I just skimmed your message and I thought you'd said "the goal is to discuss if Candy is a useful tool or just a big timewaster" LOL. It always pays to read things twice. I wish I could join the Facebook Q&A, but it's a school night for me. The thing I struggle with is that my Facebook "friends" run the gamut of family, my fellow students and teachers, other VAs and one client. I want to share personal stuff with family and some people at school, but would prefer a more limited amount of personal sharing with professional associates. Would be interested how others manage those different relationships. I don't fling sheep - but am totally addicted to Mob Wars - nothing like a good bit of drug smuggling before work
  6. Congratulations! I have not heard of the webographer site before - but then I do not deal much with the real estate market. It looks like it has quite a comprehensive training program. What are your thoughts on the training program - is it a serious contender for the aspiring or experienced REVA? Do you know how it compares with programs offered by places like IREAA? Good luck to you.
  7. A plug for me, a plug for VANA, a plug for OIVAC. Is that a hat trick?
  8. That's great Darrell. Great job continuing to get the word out.
  9. Congratulations Pat. Look forward to seeing more of you around here.
  10. Goodness. You are on a roll for sure! Congratulations.
  11. That would be the Art of Follow Up - Jaime Lee Mann it's available in the VANA bookstore
  12. I just KNOW this is going to be a good investment. Everything Angela does is of the highest quality.
  13. I got booted out and can't get back in. Was it something I said - or was it the piano playing ?
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