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  1. I would like to upgrade but there is no option for debit card on the payment. I have a Visa Electron Card . Naijeria
  2. It has been so long since I was here...it feels good to be back. A lot has happened since the last time I was here. The family has a new member, she will be 8 weeks old this Wednesday. Three months before her birth I got laid off from a job I had put my heart, soul , blood and sweat into for 16 months. The reason I say blood and sweat is because I used to keep crazy hours and my family supported me through it all. I was the absentee mother and wife for most of those months. So when I got laid off I was bitter and resentful, how could they send me off and I was 6 months pregnant , how cruel and inhuman I thought. The last 3 months of 2010 , I spent at home, trying to get back to being the present mum again and awaiting the birth of my baby. This time allowed me to get in touch with myself again. It then occurred to me that if I had put even just half the effort I put on my job into my VA business , I would be so far right now. My time on the "job" enable me gain a few new skills but best of all I found out my strengths and weaknesses. I realized that all the while I had been sabotaging myself, running away from what am good at and taking the easy road of employment. Easy in the sense that I don't have to worry about how I get paid, the money will be there at the end of the month and I'll pay my bills. The better part of 2010, I felt like a slave, no job satisfaction at all and I was spending too much time away from my family. So now am back where i should have been all along but i had refused to see it. Working for myself building my VA business. I have a much clearer picture about what I want to do for my business, what services I want to provide. I am even taking a few course to polish my skills in Web Design and Writing. I am so glad to be back to this goldmine of a forum.....excited actually. it feel like coming back home after a long journey in unfamiliar territory.
  3. Hi, I have been trying to pay for the VAinsider Get Clients subscription but been unable to. Paypal doesn't work in Kenya so despite having a PayPal account I cannot load it.I have a moneybookers account and virtual credit card.Can I use any of these to pay for my subscription? Help!! Naijeria
  4. Hi, I have been trying to pay for the VAinsider Get Clients subscription but been unable to. Paypal doesn't work in Kenya so despite having a PayPal account I cannot load it.I have a moneybookers account and virtual credit card.Can I use any of these to pay for my subscription? Help!! Naijeria
  5. Thank you for your reply, it has really helped me look positively on my current path.
  6. Thanks for the positive words...True the new job is challenging given the fact that homosexuality is a criminal offense in Kenya actually the sexual act between two men or two women is crinimal. True Levi, I think I was trying to get results too quickly at the beginning.
  7. I have missed the network......really missed being online. I landed a job with a new local non profit organisation www.galck.org Kenya's first Gay and Lesbian coalition that fights for the rights of Kenya's Gay community. It is a good opportunity to be on the forefront of something new....make a difference and change in peoples lives. The perks are that with the job comes medical insurance and of course an extra income looking back i think at what cost! I gave my back to my virtual business, because I lost faith in my abilities and was underpressure to show results. (read money). My family is happy with my new job , my hubby in particular because I am helping out more, financially, but am really struggling now. More so because I dont have as much time with my family as i used to. I miss the quality time i spent with my son.. I now leave early and get home late, tired can be there for them. My migraines are back....why do we put ourselves through hell to make everybody else except ourselves happy. I have resolved to make time at least two hours a day to restarting my virtual business build it slowly from scratch... i know there some of you here who are building their business while having another job...I would be willing to hear how you manage it. I think i jumped it head on in my previous attempt to start my VA business.. now i want to DO IT RIGHT from scratch.
  8. I have volunteered to find out the contents of and how to write a Standard Operation Procedure document for non profit community center staff. Anyone done this? of know where i can get my hand on a sample..... Thanks .. ________________ Naijeria Toweett
  9. I know what you mean.. we have had a desktop since 2005... then I got a second hand laptop satellite pro....never gone back to the desktop! Now am saving up to buy a better laptop....no one can convince me to go back to a desktop.....
  10. Hey .. came across this story on the link below. http://www.freelanceuk.com/news/2736.shtml For all those who are on LinkedIn or intend to join. Didnt know where to post this.. ____________________ Naijeria Toweett
  11. Am registered on ProZ.com to offer translation English - Swahili/Luo/Kipsigis Local and native languages indigenous to Africa, Kenya in particular, I registered a long time back and sort of forgot about it. Twice in less than a month I have been contacted by two people looking for translators to native languages indigenous to Africa. I know the "opportunities" to do these translations are few and far between but would it be advisable for me to set up a company that deals with translations from native languages indigenous to Africa to English. Have translators on hand ready to work withing 24 hours or less. Just curious what other may think..please advice. Thanks ----------------------------------------------- Naijeria Toweett
  12. Am drained...I don't want to argue any more. I compromised and am now applying for an MA course online, so i can study without being away from my family. See http://www.mediamage.com/cvaforum/index.php?showtopic=12985 I thought now every thing is ok. But today he starts asking me about how viable my business is... "Are you just in it for the fun of , are you really serious about it? " Ah!.. am still in shock..couldn't say anything.. i just froze. I cant believe my ears... Some people you can never satisfy? _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ ( Naijeria Toweett
  13. Working as a freelance writer pays off sometimes, but what happens if you deliver articles to a new client and he doesn't pay. For some reason you can get hold of him online on messenger/aim/skype?Found this site online where you can tell if someone on yahoo messenger is online/offline or invisible.... Luckily i only did 5 pieces on acne. So I have given him an ultimatum to pay up of i will post those articles on an online directory.... Anyone had similar experience? I am beginning to doubt the sincerity of some clients....[edited by Tawnya] _________________________ NToweett
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