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  1. Hi All, Just wondering if anyone here is using zoho Social , Zoho Campaign for themselves / client's SMM activities. Would like to connect if you are already using it in some capacity you have explored and have some QA clarified you googled these up and looking for some quick-answers. I have some questions for you as well when we connect. This is for my upcoming ebook. Thank you Deepa Govind
  2. Hi wonderful people. I NHW (need help with) restructuring my subdomain url structure Anyone done url-strucure change on #Bluehost? I need help with restructuring my subdomain url from - http://subdomain.mainsite.com ... to ... http://mainsite.com/subdomain . Any help is appreciated. Thanks in advance
  3. I did a couple of teleclass with WizIQ (back then, they were free) They are feature rich, and has all the collaborative goods woven within their module.
  4. Thank you Tawnya, Most content providers don't list their pricing on the websites and I am a bit hesitant to 'pose' as client and request the rates Thanks for letting me share my links I have an active blog, and this my author url - Random topics - http://homepreneur-online.com/author/deepagovind SEO centric topics - written for a local client (pays 0.016$ per word) Thanks for the help in advance Deepa Govind
  5. Fellow VAs I started of as a general-admin VA in 2007, branched into coding and development (all WFH) and now, I want to diversify into writing as content provider for websites, magazines etc. I do have an active blog, where I write technical stuff, how-to tutorials etc But, when it comes to pricing myself as "how much do u charge", I am rather hesitant to give a definite answer. I am not sure if i am allowed to post my link here. Pls let me know how best to share my wiring links, for u to evaluate and help me decide on my pricing Thank you Best Regards Deepa Govind --A proud Homepreneur--
  6. I have been on odesk for over 4+ yrs and clocked 1000+hrs. As Rogers rightly says "dont generalise your skills, be specific about your offerings and find a match to suit that. eg: I am a developer and research associate. So my traget jobs too are on the same lines .... I still do lots of "general work" Hope this helps
  7. I personally believe that Sharing one's know-how can be used as a effective marketing tool. But many don't consciously opt for this method, for the fear of having their "expert advice given away for free"..therefore resulting in no-billable-amount. I am not suggesting a "knowledge transfer"... but a little bit of "sound expert guidance" can work a long way in getting informed-clients Your thoughts members
  8. Does it happen that , when you are "working" (billing or not), an overenthusiastic family member wants to know the details...who your clients are / what work you are doing,.. and .. how much are your billing ??
  9. Most of my clients just "drop in". ie... they dont have any "requirement documentation"in place. since i am into Database customisation, freezing the requirement is vital. So, with such client, i gather their requirement only after 3 - 4 skype sessions, and some emails. Eventually i put things togather in my project estimate. some say that i should charge for "Requirement documentation" Some say, "if u want the project, get the requirements yourself, why do you have to charge for it".. I am not sure what is right, or what works Any suggession is a great help Thank you Best Regards Deepa
  10. Hi Phyll. Thats a very valuable advice. Will surely keep in mind. Thanks for the heads up
  11. Hi Shell, Thanks for the tips. "Welcome and Thank you letter" is a nice way to start a business relationship. But, the rest of them (all in one packet) wouldnt that be an overkill ? or should i just sneak them from time to time.. indivudually ?
  12. Hi Janet, Thanks for the insight. Will surely look into VA Insider Best Regards Deepa Govind
  13. Hi All. I usually get projects from freelancing sites. So far, so good. Works fine for me. But recently, i had a client approach me via a prev referral and we discussed about his requirements etc etc etc. I also prepared an estimate for him ( Time & Cost) and sent it . He has responded back that its agreeable to him and that i can start work. Great! eh! Now, i am kind of stuck here with the docuentation sequence that follows next. I dont think i will get any "hire notice" from the client So, what follows after "Project Estimate" document? .. invoicing etc is all mutually agreed & i have a system in place. Please advice Thanks in advance Best Regards Deepa
  14. Hi, It seems the webinar went really well. Sorry to miss it ( it was about 4.30 am for me in India) anychance, i can view a recording of the webinar ? Regards
  15. Hi, I see that your webinar at KiWork is on Thursday 13 November 2008 3pm pst – 6pm est – 11pm gmt – 12am cet But this is about Thu, Nov 13, 2008 4:30 AM - 5:30 AM IST - India time. So, would it be possible to have a recording of the webinar that i can view later. I really wish to attend, but 4.30 am is way too early us from India. Thank you, Regards, Deepa
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