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    Business interests are networking with industry peers; learning new software programs and applications; reading motivational and leadership books. Personal interests are knitting; crochet; reading English literature like Jane Austin or Charlotte Bronte or Elizabeth Gaskill; and enjoying my cats.

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Marit has over 30 years of administrative and business support experience in various industries. During her career, she learned leadership and management skills essential to the development of Abundant Administrative Services. In October of 2004, Marit received a call from a former employer asking for administrative assistance with a specific project. The arrangement was the catalyst that launched Abundant Administrative Services. The very next month, Marit founded the company with the mission of providing high-level administrative support services. As part of the development of skills necessary to run a business, she earned an associate of arts degree in business.  

Since the start of business, Marit became certified as an Online Business Manager and Virtual Speakers  Assistant.  She continues to pursue on-trend training programs so her services are current and applicable to the ever changing world of technology.  

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