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      Here at the #VAforum is where you'll find me sharing my most valuable, in-depth 20+ years of VA experience and knowledge through my written word. It is the best area to get your questions directly answered in detail by me, Tawnya Sutherland as I come here every morning to start my day out helping Virtual Assistants however I can. I do also share in small bytes at other social networking groups I manage online so feel free to check me out there too: Facebook group for Virtual Assistants  Facebook group for Virtual Assistants to Stay Fit  Like our Facebook Page too Linkedin Group for Virtual Assistants (22,000+) Google+ Community for Virtual Assistants I look forward to engaging with you online whatever your social network.

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  1. I think one of the hardest things about being a new VA is setting your rules and then sticking to them! And, as said above, if you lose a client that is not your 'ideal' client, you can then replace them with one who is.
  2. Welcome Arafat - Try checking out the starting up/part time section for lots of answers to your questions.
  3. Why should I hire a VA instead of an on-site person?
  4. Welcome to the forum.
  5. Glad you found us.
  6. Welcome, Diane!
  7. Welcome to the forum.
  8. Welcome to the forum!.
  9. Welcome, Melissa! I know there's tons of new info here and its easy to get overwhelmed. I often either print (to a file) or bookmark new info until I have time (and mental energy) to process it. That being said, let us know if you have questions to which you can't find answers.
  10. Welcome! Starting a new business is always a little exciting and a little daunting! But you will find all the answers you need here. My business "The virtual Office Goddess" began as a part-time endeavor while I worked a full-time job with the intent that whenever I 'retired' it would be a well established business. Ten years later, it is definitely a well-established business but I am still a long way from retiring.
  11. Welcome. Amber. This site is amazing! When I first joined it I ended up either printing or bookmarking a ton of posts I wanted to read or follow up on! Be sure and ask questions if you can't find what you are seeking and someone will direct you.
  12. I bill in increments of 15 minutes but a client can buy 'blocks' of time ranging from 10-30 hours/month. In my mind, you have two choices with this client. Either stick by your guns on your 5 hour increments, or tell her that you can reduce your guaranteed hours to 10 guaranteed but she will be billed at $xx/hour for any additional time required to meet her needs over the 10...
  13. Thanks, Jessica! I don't use QB Online so I appreciate your filling in the blank!
  14. That was very helpful! I always encourage my clients to keep on top of their books and verify questions with their CPA.
  15. Welcome, Nancy. Its great to have you here!