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  1. Michelle Long, who is a phenomenal author!, has a quick video here on the best way to clean these undeposited funds up... I'm sorry these were a nightmare for you, and hope this helps.
  2. In the US, QuickBooks is probably the most frequently used accounting software available. It is relatively user-friendly, but it helps if you are familiar with basic accounting procedures. There are both an online and desktop version available. I prefer the desktop version as it has more extended functionality than the online version, and is a one-time payment rather than a monthly subscription. Other folks like the freedom of accessing their QB online from anywhere. The desktop version can be accessed remotely through various software options. You will find various pro and con opinions in this forum section, as well as ways to remotely access this, as well as other software.
  3. Frank - basically, bookkeeping software helps you to track your income and expenses, account balances, etc., keeping you abreast of the financial health of your company. This also helps you to have the information to file your taxes properly.
  4. I started out as a part-time VA a decade ago while working a full-time job. It's difficult, but doable.
  5. Welcome, Ashley! It is a scary/exciting journey, but well worth it. You have definitely found the right place to research, however.
  6. Welcome! Remember, we were all new here (and as VAs once) so don't be shy about asking questions.
  7. Welcome! You have found the right place, even if you're not sure how you got here.
  8. I think one of the hardest things about being a new VA is setting your rules and then sticking to them! And, as said above, if you lose a client that is not your 'ideal' client, you can then replace them with one who is.
  9. Welcome Arafat - Try checking out the starting up/part time section for lots of answers to your questions.
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