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    Hey there! Welcome to VAnetworking.com --> The Social Network for Virtual Assistants. I am so excited that you have decided to join the friendliest social network on earth for Virtual Assistants. Let me give you a quick intro of who I am. I am Juli and I have not been in the Virtual Industry that long, (3 years) but by being your moderator, I can relate to some of your challenges that you might possibly face that I might have gone through. I was unemployed looking for way to pay off my student loan debt and how to make money at the same time. I saw an AD on my local TV explaining how to make money online, that educated me a bit on how to make money online but through one of those freelancing sites. I was still not satisfied with only working from that platform so I went on Google and found ways how I could make money online, and this is how I found the forum and joined. Fast forward a year later I have a business in place and I have launched my website. So I have gone through the path that you now are on. Enough about me and more about you! One way to get to know you better on the forum is through your first introduction to us. I will outline some tips on how to get you started on the forum. First you can do a quick introduction about yourself and this can be done by clicking here http://www.vanetwork...al-Busi-f4.html If you are like me and don’t like to talk much about yourself here is a breakdown to use as a guide to ease those introductions jitters: Your Name: Your Website URL (if applicable): Years in Business: Description of your Business, including any specialties: On a more personal note: What City/Town/State/Country are you from?: Are you married? How long?: Any kids and how old? Hobbies & Interests: How did you hear about us? We love to know how you heard about us so please let us know! i.e. Google search (what keywords did you search?), article in magazine (name of mag?), word of mouth (who?), etc. Please feel free to browse around and get to know others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to private message me or any of the other moderators here or contact us at our help desk Until then, can't wait to see your growth here and your accomplishments. Best wishes.
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    Hello, I do provide Transaction Coordination Services, I know this post was a few years ago, but just in case your looking again sometime.
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    I just wanted to introduce myself, my name is Maralee and I am very very new to the VA idea. Still going through the free resources available on the site and am getting a TON of information. My poor brain is a little overwhelmed but I am really really wanting to stay home and be able to make my own schedule while having fun and being able to help people. Getting started does anyone have any tips and tricks for free or cheap programs to start out with? As we don't have a ton of money to throw at this, and my hubby is not for sure convinced I will stick with it. Which is kind of fair as I keep getting ideas and run with it for a little bit and then stop So any advice would be so appreciated! Thank you so much!
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    Here are my answers to your questions: Your Name: Julie Smith Your Website URL (if applicable): https://juliesjoyfulsolutions.wordpress.com/ Years in Business: I started in 2014, haven't had any steady clients as of yet. I was on Upworks and decided it is time to change directions. Description of your Business, including any specialties: I create efficient systems for Realtors and Entrepreneurs to keep them on track with their deadlines while providing quality customer service so they can focus on what's important-- selling and growing! - Empower Realtors and Entrepreneurs by helping you achieve your goals - Assisting you with tasks to help you be more productive - Create solutions to overcome the obstacles you encounter to relieve the stress - Process information through well-honed research to meet timely deadlines I received training as a Transaction Coridonator from a Realtor. When you hire me for all your transactions I will: - Verify that all required signatures and initials are on the contract and addenda. - Verify that all required addenda are included with the contract. - Fill out commission disbursement forms. - Open the file with the escrow or title company…And much more! On a more personal note: What City/Town/State/Country are you from?: Angola, IN USA Are you married? How long?: Not married now, was for about a year. Any kids and how old? I have a son that is 18, 2 daughters a 15 and 9-year-old Hobbies & Interests: I love camping, fishing, and reading How did you hear about us? I found this group a few years ago, and I set business aside for a bit then, I re-discovery it through Kathy Goughenour-Expert VA training program.
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    Hey we have a great trend going here! Danielle is an Innovator that collaborates with the Maker (me), who collaborates with the Visionary (Tawnya). This is the start of a really creative team!
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    I think keep the descriptions simple, don't give them too many options or things to think about. Provide a pay pal buy button under each service description and a call to action like 'download my FREE working with a VA ebook' or "You may also like my book editing services <<click here>>" the link would then lead to the next service description. Do this for all your service options on your home page. Which would have an icon or image for each with short description that opens to a new page with the service details, buy button, freebie ebook and call to action or upsell for another service. >image/ icon >title e.g. transcription services >short dot point description of service >PayPal buy button >link to download ebook >link to another service offering hope that helps amber
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    Thank you so much ladies for the great feedback! In regards to coding, I wanted to learn how to design and build websites so I could do that for others. I've done some searching though after I saw what you said, Tawnya. This is something I definitely don't need to know prior to getting my website live. I'll put that on the back burner for now. Thank you!
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    Hi all! I just wanted to introduce myself. My name is Adele. I was a VA for years and then went back into working in corporate America after going through a divorce. Life circumstances at the time just called for that kind of change. I was only a VA on a part-time basis and needed to go back to full-time income -- and quickly! Anyhow, fast-forward to the present. I am now happily remarried and in a much better position. I have decided to take the plunge and delve back into my passion. I assist businesses with their HR, recruiting, and SMM needs. I also assist in a variety of other projects when time allows, such as event and meeting planning and trade show coordination.
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    I'm a retired Quality Assurance Manager who started editing part time (I'm a writer as well) and it just grew into editing, copy editing, proofreading and virtual assistance. I'm only wanting to do this part time, as I am writing novels. But jobs and projects and clients have a way of blossoming! So I network with other freelancers to spread out the work I don't want or can't do. I feel like I have friends all over the world now. Good luck in your business! Pat www.editalley.com www.pathauldren.net www.remotegirlfriday.com
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    Hi Marie, One service I think would be pretty cool as a package would be this. To extend your webinar package by offering to transcribe or create shownotes out of the content that is created. I know some marketers like James Schramko have very in depth pdfs created from their webinars, with formatting and images + transcribed text.
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    Good Morning !! I am new to the career of a Virtual Assistant. Although I have been performing remote work for years; I have just recently made the decision to expand my skills in other areas of Administration, as well as make a business for myself. I have over 25 years in Human Resources Management; and have been an Executive Assistant for around 30. I am excited to begin this new journey of my career path. Marilyn
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    Good afternoon from Midcoast Maine! I just wanted to stop by and re-introduce myself as I have not been active in the forum for about 10 years now. I started a VA business back in 2007 after my third child was born. The business took off very quickly and before I knew it my plate was full with work and a new baby! This was wonderful except I didn't have it in me at the time to create a full blown business and hire help to keep the flame alive, so sadly I let it go. I had ANOTHER baby since then in 2010. Now that my youngest is off to 2nd grade and my oldest is off to college (yikes) I'm ready to do something for me, all while still being available to my family when they need me. I have been taking a few hours a day to read through all the material available to me here at vanetworking but I'm sure I'll have many more questions as I make my way back into this career endeavor. It's great to know I have a supportive group of VA's/Office Managers/Administrative Professionals, etc... to turn to for advice. Thank you for your time!
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    Most clients I've talked to don't want to see a long laundry list of services you can do for them. It is not only overwhelming reading through the long list, but time consuming and doesn't help the client's decision making process to hire you. Continue reading buttons are seldom clicked on according to web usability statistics. What does help them decide is a paragraph on how you can help them with their bookkeeping or social media marketing. What problem of theirs can you solve with your services? Shorter is better. Get to the point of what your services can do for the client and that's all you need.
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    Hi Rachel and welcome! Smart move setting up your VA business while you worked part-time and wishing you the best with your new career. If you have any questions, just ask us!
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    I have been in the IT Industry since 1995. 25 years later, I have learned a thing or two. To be protected today, you not only have to have multiple layers, but you have to educate your employees. One click on an email in an under protected environment and you could be looking at a ransomware virus that has encrypted all your files and is now demanding anywhere from a few thousand to several hundred thousand dollars to restore access to your data. The first question I ask my clients is how long can you be down before you are in jeopardy of being sued because you can't meet your SLAs or have to close up? Today, it is not just about antivirus programs. and if you are relying just on one with out plugging up the holes in other areas of your network, then you will eventually get infected. It is my belief that you get what you pay for. Most free antivirus programs are stripped down versions of the paid versions. Usually a free program does not allow you to schedule scans. You have to manually run them. (bet you didn't know that!). Besides the antivirus programs, you have to keep up with Windows, Java, Adobe Flash updates. The software that is used to run or 'drive' your peripherals (printers, monitors, hard drives, etc needs to be updated too. Software that you downloaded and tried and didn't use again, has holes in it like Windows does and therefore needs to have updates applied to them. Just because you don't use the program anymore doesn't mean that a hacker cannot use a hole to get in with. If you are not using a program, uninstall it! I, myself personally use for my home and business computers, PC Matic (Which I am a reseller for), I also have Malwarebytes Free to run a scan that I have to manually schedule, once a week, I update the BIOS on my wireless router when they are available. At work I have more different types of network equipment, switches, servers, firewalls, modems, and so on. I personally have used several of the antivirus programs that other people here have posted that they use. The biggest problem with them all is that they are resource hogs. If you open Task Manager and look for your antivirus program, you will see that it is probably one of the top 5 processes using memory. I have been using PC Matic for about 6 years and have never gotten a virus. It is built on whitelisting technology which means that if you application is not on the approved global whitelist, then it is not allowed to run. And since all viruses are not on the whitelist, they cannot run. I use Malwarebytes to make sure that everything is clean. Usually it will find a few viruses that were quarantined by PC Matic and I let Malwarebytes remove them.
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    I agree, what a wonderful niche for you and yep, very lucrative!
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    Hello, AJWoods! My name is Cathy Strine, owner and operator of All Things Administrative, LLC. I incorporated just over three years ago and for awhile I did work with a VA who did my bookkeeping. She was awesome and saved me lots of time and headaches! I reclaimed that task when one of my larger retainer clients reduced her workload. I've got my bookkeeping under control now but I've often thought of contracting with a VA for various other duties. So my question to you is- what is it you like to do? From your limited situation, with what tasks are you willing to help other Virtual Assistants? Looking forward to hearing from you- Cathy Strine, VA All Things Administrative, LLC
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    Welcome to VAnetworking! I agree with Tawnya as to creating graphics to see how long they take you to create so you can build your pricing structure.
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    I just signed up my first client, very small retainer one hour per day, but i am a firm believer in starting at the bottom work your way up, Super excited........................
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    Hi Jason, welcome to VAnetworking! Looks like your FB cover photo appeared blurry because you posted the mobile link. I've updated your post for you. As Tawnya said, you'll want to post engaging content consistency on your Facebook Page.
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    Finding out what motivates me will certainly help me in the long run Solution always exists but we need to find it
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    Sorry I missed your comment. Where in Idaho are you? We are in the Sandpoint area.
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    Hiya Raychelle and welcome to our network. Looking forward to getting to know you more through your participation here. Enjoy!
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    Welcome to the forum Alonda! Thats the drive that will you get you to be one of the biggest VA business there is. All the best.
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    Hello. My name is Laweesa McCray and I am seeking advice on becoming a virtual assistant.
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    Hi Everyone, Name: Bettina Website URL: No website yet; currently in the process. Years in Business: None; getting ready to start my VA Business Description of my business: My VA business will focus on services for chiropractors, since I have a background in the healthcare industry. My services will include: data entry, proofreading/editing, PowerPoint presentations, blog-related services, social media ad set-up/management, calendar management, and Facebook group management. What city/town/state/country am I from? I am originally from the Chicago area, but now reside in the Los Angeles area. Am I married? Not yet, but I am in the near future! Any kids? Not yet, but working on it! Hobbies and Interests: I love to read, go bike riding with my significant other, and I'm also a history buff! How did I hear about VA Networking? Through the Google search.
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    I want to start my VA business providing services to Chiropractors, since I have a background in the healthcare industry--I actually worked as a Certified Nursing Assistant. How would I market my services to chiropractors?
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    Pricing can always be a difficult question. In my practice, I charge at an hourly rate. I find the hourly rate model to be flexible enough to suit a diverse set of clients. Perhaps if I had an ongoing relationship with a client and could get a better sense for their specific needs week after week, only then do I think it would be beneficial to set a flat fee arrangement.
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    I highly recommend Lastpass and it's free
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    The meds thing is OK, after all. Thankfully. I was able to get all of my RXs. They have this thing on the drugstore site, when the Rx is being filled it will often show the price minus insurance, then when it's filled, it shows the co-pay. This always makes me nervous. B/C sometimes it shows your co-pay. So when I see a funny high number I get scared. But it's all good. I will check out the group coaching. I actually had forgotten about that, what with trying to find some income. part-time is all I can manage at the best of times. I also live in a very disruptive environment, noisy neighborhood makes it hard to concentrate for a lot of the time. Some afternoons I have to put earplugs in so that I can think & (try) to block out pounding bass. My current site is by Site Builder. I love it, it's just pricey. But I'm attached to the interface, the current template/design that I have really works for me. Thank you so much for sharing that article with me. I actually wrote an (upcoming) blog post about writing with ADHD. I really need to get my ADHD medication soon so that I can be more in-depth in my research & writing. Oh & I'm not the hyperfocused type, I'm very inattentive & scattered, moving from one thing to another, sort of drifting. Coffee helps, but overall it's very difficult w/o Ritalin. Docs are very wary & hesitant to help me at all. I work best in short bursts.
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    Hi Danielle, thank you, I have looked at them, even appied to a couple. I've arranged some reviews for pay, but that's not much more than beer money. I've placed some Craigslist ads, and am attending a networking event this week to see if I can make any connections. I tend to do best in-person. Before I got sick, I did really well with interviews, preparations, etc. But the online job seeking world is so much different. I've had to readjust my techniques and parameters many times. Since I don't have any money for anything, not even bills, The Dept. of Ed also took 15% of my check from me, I'm hoping to find something before the month is over.
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    Cool! Let us know how you go, Melissa.
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    Looks great Melissa!
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    I like the logo with Tagline from madness to methods. The three colours tie in nicely and I'd recommend creating yourself a brand board in Canva to get idea of the look and feel for your site and marketing going forward. You can save these three colours and the two fonts in Canva for use in all marketing materials like Facebook posts etc. Knowing your brand helps to give you a consistent look and feel which is what I think your looking to achieve with your site.
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    Hi Nancy, welcome back! I think your website looks great as well! I would just recommend the same things as Tawnya did above.
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    It's difficult to direct you to specific trainings before learning exactly what the client wants. Let us know how the discovery call goes and maybe I can recommend some training once she says what she needs. Also, congrats!!
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    I would do some internet research and see what others are writing. Don't copy other's wording (people know who copy as they use Copyscape to find out so don't do that) but do learn from how others are writing their service descriptions. Keep your wording short and to the point. Be concise as online readers don't have time to waste reading long copy. State the benefit of a service (what's in it for them) like we take care of your bookkeeping tasks so you can work on making more product to sell (or whatever)
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    Welcome, Kristin! I am so happy to have you here. I do hope your mom is better now and wishing you all the best as you gain clients.
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    Does anyone have any recommendations for a content delivery system that integrates with Infusionsoft and possibly WordPress? I'm leaning toward Memberium myself. I've also researched Customer Hub and imember360 Need to be able to deliver 1 off content, and also create entire training courses/membership programs.
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    Thank you both for responding.
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    If I don't have someone to personally recommend to prospect, I tell them to post an RFP at VAnetworking's job board. I explain that it's free to post there as well. I always make sure to use my affiliate link, then I get a $5 referral. I'm not sure of the best way to find VAs to outsource to. I have VAs contact me on my website all the time about working together and I usually take a look at their website to see if its someone I'd be interested in working with. Then I keep their contact info on file with what they do. I've posted RFPs myself and have found a few good connections for outsourcing as well. Maybe we should start a thread in the forum in the VAinsiders area and put our information so we can all learn a bit more about each other. Maybe something like: Name: Contact Email: Website: Who do you work with: Specialties: Or something, and we can create a little database on our VAinsiders Forum. Maybe Tawnya has some ideas on that.
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    Thank you, Julian Palmer. I appreciate this idea. I was thinking of charging about $50 for 250-500 words then go on up from there. It is always good to know the prices out there. I appreciate the info. My original goal was to write content for blogs and articles, etc. However, I have changed my niche since then. But she remembers what I started off working on. Which is awesome. Thank you for reaching out and providing feedback. Have a productive week . Best Wishes, Marie Mason CM Virtual Assistant Agency cmvirtualassistantagency@gmail.com https://cmvirtualassistantagency.org
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    Hiya Stephanie and welcome to our network. Have you signed up to our FREE VA member lounge yet? If not, I recommend you do that here then log in and watch the video on "A Career as a Virtual Assistant" as it will teach you all the basics you'll need to know to help get you started. There is also a Startup Checklist inside the lounge that is helpful. I do have a couple of programs to help VAs get up and running and have been offering them since for many years, specifically my Virtual Assistant Career Training Program. You might want to check out this page on check out this page If you have strong computer skills you may be able to start right up as a VA depending on what types of services you would like to offer without taking more courses. For example, if you are going to be handling a client's social networks, proofreading or email organization you are probably ready to roll without more courses. You just need to learn some basic business setup skills, how to onboard a client, etc. which we can teach you at our network in our VAinsiders.com Club. Why don't you set up a call with me for 15 minutes for free and I can give you some advice on next directions to take. If you have any questions along the way just ask us
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    That is so awesome you were here 10 years ago. Welcome back, glad to see you trying it all out again, it should be fun!
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    Thank you everyone for the warm welcome. I look forward getting to know everybody on here!
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    It's been awhile since there has been a new post in this section, so let's get it going again! Whether you are new to graphic design or a veteran, what are your favorite programs and tools? There are SO many programs out there and some are specialized, so go ahead and choose your favorites. I'll go first! 1. Adobe Illustrator - This is by far my favorite program. I use this strictly for logos, icons and creating 2D graphics from scratch. Illustrator is great for creating vector graphics, which will let you retain their size without losing quality. There is still sooo much more I need to learn about it as it's ever changing. 2. Adobe Photoshop - My second favorite program for editing images and enhancing photographs. Auto batch editing in Photoshop is also a dream. You can create all kinds of things in photoshop! 3. Canva - Canva is an awesome alternative and great for businesses. I use canva to make tons of social media graphics, infographics, e-books and more. It's very user friendly and a great starting point if you are new to graphic design. Those are pretty much the only 3 that I use, because I can do everything I need to do in them. There's also InDesign, which is great for posters, e-books and various layouts. I haven't gotten into it much, but it's highly recommended. Let's hear your favorites!
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    If anyone is wanting to upgrade from the run of the mill email signatures, I recommend WiseStamp It's free and ad free, even gives the option to remove their name and logo if so desired! Also, it allows you to include social media buttons for Twitter, FaceBook, etc, as-well-as your latest blog article! Let me know what you think
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    Here's my story: One of my former clients (who has since moved into a partnership with two other people & have a full time office staff) used one of the services you mentioned (I won't name which one). They didn't comprehend that there were certain ways you had to do things here. He's local to me, I met him at a networking event, and he had just had a really bad experience with them, and he spent most of the time talking to me about his issues. He told me how much he paid for what he got and I thought, at the time, there's no way to compete with that. Monetarily - if someone's watching the bottom line - you can't. But how you can compete is through SERVICE. Skip ahead 3-4 weeks, I get a frantic call from him (he was not my client at the time). He's flying from Michigan to California to meet with several people. He's a real estate investment advisor, so he meets with people with M.O.N.E.Y. and its very important that things go a certain way. This overseas VA company had done the following: 1. Only allowed him one hour between appointments, in other words: Appointment with Mr. Smith at 10:00 a.m.; appointment with Mr. Jones at 11:00 a.m. And the problem is: Smith and Jones' offices were an hour apart! Leaving no time for travel!! 2. Had scheduled his last meeting almost 2 hours away from the airport, an hour before his flight was to take off. 3. And that last meeting was with people that had major M.O.N.E.Y. Client called me from the airport in Phoenix, clearly distressed. Now remember - he had only met me once. We had talked for about 30-40 minutes, tops, and had exchanged emails a couple of times after that. We had no client-VA relationship at all, hadn't even talked about it, really. He called me because he was trying to start his company on his own, watch his money, and had no support. He had my business card in his pocket from meeting me weeks previous. So I asked that he fax me all of his paperwork - itinerary, phone numbers, anything he had and I told him I'd do what I could to straighten things out. Already long story short: I got all of his meetings fixed & organized the way they need to be. Got him on another flight (which ended up being direct, rather than 2 stops), so he got back home earlier. And I did not charge him for this. He did send me a really wonderful gift basket from Ghiradelli chocolate, and he refers anyone and everyone to me that he meets that could use a VA. We ended up working together for about 6 months until his company was merged with another, and they put an office staff in place. I still see him (and his partners) at functions, and he introduces me as his "Life Saver". So - no, you can't compete with the cheap prices, but you CAN compete with the service.
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    Darrell, they gave you great suggestions. Since I am the queen of cheap, I have to tell you that most of the things you need can be gotten for free, either because there's a free version of the software, or with Open Source (www.opensourcemaven.com has a great list). This is the list of what I use. All of it was free. AVG 7.5 Ad-aware SE Firewall (came with the computer) Diskeeper Lite Adobe Reader 7.0 eFax Messenger Zoho CRM PDFCreator Instant messengers (Skype with Pamela, AIM, Yahoo, MSN) Switch (for switching audio to another format) TimeStamp and MyHours WinZip (evaluation version) Extract Now (opens some programs WinZip doesn't) WinAmp and Windows Media player NVU HTML editor Folder Marker (unneccessary, but fun) Open Source Office Suite Plus, your computer comes with stuff installed so take a good look at your list of programs under the Start menu. Free doesn't always mean you get the best programs. Free is good in the beginning when you don't have money coming in. If you are going to spend money, I'd recommend you start with the Microsoft Office. Open Source is fine "for now" but Microsoft has so many bells and whistles that you will love it.
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