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Kathy Colaiacovo is a Social Media Consultant and Virtual Assistant, her company is Time on Task VA Services and they specialize in Online Marketing and Social Media Support - Blogs, Websites, Twitter, Facebook and more. We setup and manage Wordpress websites and social networking profiles so clients have time to make the connections and conversations that lead to more business for them! We will take clients step by step through the learning process of social media and coach them on how to use Twitter, Facebook and Linked In. Time on Task helps them market and grow their business.

Kathy also offers small business and marketing consultations aimed at helping clients determine how a VA can best help them and also how they can effectively use the online marketing tools available to build their business.

She is the President at IVAA.org and enjoys how this role sees her mentoring new VAs to succeed.

In 2009, Kathy wrote an eBook called Talking on Twitter to help people learn how to navigate through their twitter profile and how to talk on twitter, how to network on Twitter in a way that can help bring more online visibility.

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