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    Providing subcontracting resources for the virtual service industry. Whether you're the service provider that doesn't have the time, skills or resources to fulfill client projects or the person that want to provide subcontracting services.

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  1. I wish I had known focusing on a few(3-4) social networks will make you more well known then spreading out into too many of them.
  2. The best thing I did a couple years back is have you coach me Tanya. Soon I will tap into your email list building expertise. I highly recommend anyone struggling in their VA biz to coach with you.
  3. I have a podcast but still struggle getting it to help build my list not sure what my action point should be to have people sign up for my list. The replay is available on the site already.
  4. Sometimes to start a VA service we do what we know best and the rest will come with time, training and experience.
  5. Interesting you bring this up I replied to a RFP heard something right away but now it's been a couple weeks after I sent a Skype request.
  6. I don't even do my VA business FT and yesterday I found out why. I have two nice steady clients and the latest one just told me she'll have to cut back. So the next few months I will have to seek new contractors. It's not a good feeling however I know things are moving in the right direction. Last week I did have two completely new leads. So I just need to have some faith. What was your scariest client lost moment?
  7. First of all do you have a background or degree in accounting? Take a look at the area you're in or maybe go speak with a local advisor and get their view point. It may depend on how you plan to go about gaining business. It sounds like you'll use being listed on the pro advisor list to pick up clients. I like to find clients by them getting to know me but that's personal preference. I'm strong at being able to go from one software platform to another. However, if you haven't worked with many it probably isn't a bad idea.
  8. I was going to get into this because I think there's big potential. Charging them would be like any other client unless they want you to personally come to their home or events. Maybe if that you could add an specific time each time it's needed. Or what's your specific charging dilemma?
  9. Before I make an investment into coaches or mentors I found it's crucial to research. I've struggled with the self paced list building programs and will be searching for a one to one coach mentor. I really struggle creating the action step or opt in to build the list. If anyone knows someone that specifically works in helping others build their list please post their site.
  10. Thanks for the links everyone. I didn't realize until recently images can help your SEO.
  11. I look back at my original name and think why? Now my name says what I'm all about.
  12. Can you point me to any good Google analytic tutorial videos?
  13. A client of mine has had a traffic for quite some time but hasn't been adding content. A marketing strategist has started talking them into this along with doing client communication. He still seems to not understand without a call to action we probably still won't see much traffic. However, good thing is he's trying to get ahead of the game and knows we should be tracking something in analytics. Of course he asks what should a cloud service business be looking at on a monthly basis for web traffic. It could help them make more decisions about what they offer I'm sure. Good question I don't know the answer. I think it would be beneficial to look at location, mobile devices they find us on and also keywords but don't know how that feature works in analytics. So if you are an analytics expert can you please give me some basic understanding what could help my client gain the right information to make good decisions.
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