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    Online book marketing Virtual Assistant, Helping Authors create a successful Author Website to market their Books.

    Love reading and computer technology. Just published a Kindle book... "WordPress Starter Guide For Authors" Showing Authors how to use WordPress to build their platform

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  1. Oh My September all ready! missed the opportunity for coaching with you and Tawnya . Have been busy formatting books for clients, learning a new program InDesign and writing and formatting my own children's book. Just came up for a breather. Where is every one?
  2. Sounds like a good deal..nice to have someone to talk things over with and point you in the right direction. Wonder if you would consider doing this offer again later in the year.
  3. Hey Danielle, what a great idea, looking forward to your podcast and learning more about subcontracting. As a VA it is nice to have different services to offer but where is the time to learn everything so subcontracting sounds like a great solution.
  4. How do I access this seminar? Nobody is in the seminar room thank you
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