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  1. Thank you, Danielle and Tawnya. Because of my legal background, I'm drawn to solo/small firm lawyers and virtual paralegals, but I also want to service educators and other small businesses, including virtual assistants. I keep revising my website and am getting tired of it, so I'll leave it alone for now, so I can move on to some actual marketing. Again, I thank you both!
  2. Hello, my fellow VAs! How do you narrow down your niche (for the sake of marketing), but you also want to be open to other possibilities? I keep second-guessing myself, and it's driving me crazy!
  3. HELLO ALL! My name is Quaphee (pronounced KAH-fee). I am a passionate, self-taught, web/WordPress designer and tech enthusiast with 20+ years of professional administrative experience in the legal industry (family law & civil litigation), elementary education and currently higher education (medical school). My business name EVA, stands for Executive Virtual Admin. I specialize in blog website design/management for (but not limited to) bloggers, educators, solo/small law firms and VAs (virtual assistants). I want to help small businesses put their best business-look forward by creatively applying technology from behind the scenes to project a tame, clean, professional look to their audience. I live in Indiana and am a mom of a beautiful 11-year-old. I enjoy reading, and I love to write as well. I look forward to learning and communicating with everyone. My website is www.HelloMyEva.com; feel free to visit anytime or ask questions. Have a wonderful day! :-)
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