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  1. No email marketing isn't one of my major responsibilities so far, while Content marketing is a great way for building a prospect loyalty to your brand; The main purpose of creating a piece of content i.e business blog is to answer a common question the prospects have, so creating a content that is helpful for your potential customers will help establish an authority/credibility for our brand image; As sending an educational content to clear things up for a confused person and find answer to their common questions (Awareness Stage) via your blog posts makes them much more likely to come into the sales process (Buyer’s journey decision stage) trusting what we have because we helped them before (Long-term results) while the short term result is driving more traffic to your website besides traffic flow from the main services pages .
  2. I'm Sophia Gilbert, New Joiner to VA network. I'm sol glad that i came across such a great community ready to give a helping hand for any Virtual Business Inquiry.. Let me introduce my Self I'm a web content creator with more than 5 yrs experience with virtual mail services providers sites and it will be a pleasure to answer any question regarding the Business virtual mail services.
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