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      Here at the #VAforum is where you'll find me sharing my most valuable, in-depth 20+ years of VA experience and knowledge through my written word. It is the best area to get your questions directly answered in detail by me, Tawnya Sutherland as I come here every morning to start my day out helping Virtual Assistants however I can. I do also share in small bytes at other social networking groups I manage online so feel free to check me out there too: Facebook group for Virtual Assistants  Facebook group for Virtual Assistants to Stay Fit  Like our Facebook Page too Linkedin Group for Virtual Assistants (22,000+) Google+ Community for Virtual Assistants I look forward to engaging with you online whatever your social network.


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  1. Hi Mark, yes would love to take a listen. I bet you emailed it out as I'm on your list, but I probably missed it.
  2. Hi Amber, welcome to VAnetworking!
  3. Hi Arafat, here is a good place to start: https://www.vanetworking.com/become-a-virtual-assistant/ This is a good video to watch as well: Here are some freebies too that you can download and look over http://vanetworking.com/free
  4. Hi Laurel, welcome to VAnetworking! I also enjoy traveling and am headed to Iceland this week!
  5. Mark, how did the webinar go? Sorry I wasn't able to make it, things have been busy.
  6. Hi Melissa, welcome to VAnetworking! Sorry about taking so long to welcome you, we were upgrading our forum and my Admin account got locked out lol. Finally back in! Congratulations on your soon-to-be newborn baby! Let us know if you have any questions about starting up a VA business.
  7. Hi Jacqui, sorry for taking so long to welcome you. I was locked out of the forum due to some techincal difficulties during our recent system upgrade. Let us know if you have any questions.
  8. I'm still using BackBlaze and it has saved my butt a few times with my computers crapping out on me. Highly recommend it. I wrote a blog post talking about my most recent computer failure and experience with BackBlaze http://proactiveva.com/2689/backblaze-backup-review/
  9. Hi Phyllis, welcome to VAnetworking!
  10. Where are you finding these clients? It's best to find clients through reputable VA job boards or referrals such as the VAinsiders Club
  11. I never did fully decide what I want to do. I was just wondering how other people were keeping their high-traffic sites secure. Never know if there is something out there new and better.
  12. Hi Tara, welcome to VAnetworking! Let us know if you need any help getting your website completed.
  13. Hi Rachel, welcome to VAnetworking!
  14. Hi Melinda, welcome to VAnetworking! Love the sierra foothills area, we would love to live there but have to stay near Sac.
  15. Hi Mary, welcome to VAnetworking! Some people are worried about having a social media presence while transitioning. You could set up a LinkedIn profile and amp up your privacy/security settings. I actually just went through and tweaked all my social media privacy settings because I like to keep most of my life private lol.