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  1. Hi Kimberly, welcome to VAnetworking and the VAinsiders Club!
  2. New logo looks great Melissa, can't wait to see your website revamp!
  3. Hi, welcome to the Forum! Let us know if you have any questions about getting back into the groove.
  4. The greater your level of engagement between you and your social media audience, the greater your overall success will be. Consistent engagement generates followers, resulting in... ...loyal followers, who become... ...clients who become... ...your ambassadors who... ...refer you to their network. I see so many Facebook Pages owned by Virtual Assistants where all they do is advertise their services. To be honest, no one is going to look at those posts and it's not going to bring people to your page. You should be using social media to engage with your target audience and build awareness. Some examples of posts I see that you should avoid are: "Virtual Assistant for Hire! Book your free consultation now" "We have 20 hours open this month, call to book" "Offering Pinterest Marketing, message me now to learn more" These posts provide no value to your followers and aren't going to bring people to your website or entice them to contact you. You should focus on posting... Tips that are relevant to your niche Questions/Polls around your niche Your blog posts Content from sources relevant to your niche whether it's something new in your niche or a top 10 post etc. Content from your target audiences Facebook Page Visuals, visuals, visuals Useful videos and Facebook Lives Also, make sure you respond to comments on your posts. I've seen posts where people have inquired about VA services and there was no response to the comment. Maybe they responded privately, but it doesn't look that way to the public eye. Anyways, hope this helps you. These rules apply for all social media and not just Facebook.
  5. Hi Tifa, welcome to VAnetworking! Look forward to getting to know you more on our next call for the VAinsiders Club!
  6. Hi Agnes, welcome to VAnetworking and the VAinsiders Club!
  7. Hi, welcome to the Forum! What have you tried so far to secure a client?
  8. Hi Judy, welcome to VAnetworking and the VAC!
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