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  1. Wish I could help you on this matter, hopefully someone can chime in.
  2. I think it's all personal preference and depends what you need in an accounting software. I've been using Wave for a few years and really like it. It's free so you could sign up and try it out and see what you think.
  3. Just curious as to what industry code other Virtual Assistants select when doing their income tax? You can search industry codes here: http://www23.statcan.gc.ca/imdb/p3VD.pl?Function=getVD&TVD=118464
  4. Hi Leah, I recently had to fill out that form for a client. I found some youtube videos to help me fill it out. This is the one I used If you have any questions about filing it out let me know.
  5. I have a question that maybe someone can answer... I'm based in British Columbia and am registered for my GST number and can get reimbursed for the GST I pay on business expenses. If I am in Ontario can I get the HST back if I'm at a conference purchasing meals or purchase something that I need for my business? Or no? Thanks!
  6. I asked this question awhile ago too, but can't seem to find my topic in the search. When I'm doing working with a short-term client I usually send them all their files and delete them from my computer. My contract also states that I'm not responsible for saving their work files etc.
  7. From the Desk of Tawnya Sutherland... What are you doing for your summer holidays (or winter depending where you live)? Will you work or just play? Many of you may already know this but I usually spend a month or so up at my parents' cottage north of 7 in Ontario. There's not much up there to do but read, write and spend time on my floaty tube catching a brown tan on the lake. And yes sometimes while there I get a bit bored LOL! The one thing I don't like about going to the cottage is that my wifi connection is only just bearable UGH! I can always walk around the area and find a signal to send off my emails but that is about all the work I can do! I tend to get a bit of cabin fever being unhooked to that extent as I can't work that much and being that I love working I miss it and get a bit grumpy HA! I thought of a good way to kill 2 birds with one stone though and I've decided that since I do have access to wifi enough to respond to emails, I'd offer a SPECIAL on my email brain power coaching sessions. If you are on a limited budget and want to get your business off the ground, this might work for us both. One you'll get unlimited email support Monday - Friday to pick my brain (I'll respond within 24 hours even if I have to walk to the corner store to shoot you off my daily email LOL). No need to wait for your answers as you'll have her on your side ready to provide motivation and input into your VA business when you need the support. Here's the link to learn more about these coaching sessions CLICK HERE AND here's a coupon code for 25% OFF > cottagelife NOTE: This coupon also works on my regular coaching sessions as well if you were thinking of doing any of these. I've got a couple of slots left for these starting August when I get back from the cottage To Your Virtual $uccess, Tawnya Sutherland
  8. Yeah it was a special case so couldn't use their card. Typically that is what I do. I tried looking for the answer on google but didn't really get an exact answer.
  9. I've never had to do this before so am unsure how to do it. If I purchase something on behalf of my client, they told me just to bill it to them. How do I record that in my invoicing system? Do I add GST to it as well? I'm not sure how I do this. I don't really want the expenses to be income that I have to claim either.
  10. This is tomorrow! RSVP if you haven't already. https://form.jotform.com/60778678659278
  11. I launched a new website this last week and Tawnya told me to share it in the forum. If you guys don't know already, I'm her daughter... Anyways it is a website geared towards helping military spouses learn about virtual assistance and start up their own business. www.MilitaryVirtualAssistants.com I always have other spouses ask me about my business and they always want to know how they can get started. I decided it would be best to just create an entire website centered around starting up a VA business so I can send people there. I would love to hear your feedback on the site so far. It will be growing along side my own VA business. I plan to share my journey with others, both business and personal. I've also set up a private forum area for Military Spouses here in the VAnetworking Forum. Head on over to my website to learn how to be part of it. Thanks for all the wonderful support I've received so far!
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