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  1. Problems with Wordpress

    I'm of the mindset that if it works good for the user it will for Google I feel that having everything on one page is good if you can make it flow nicely and be readable. Single page websites are becoming more popular nowadays because of mobile access. It would be ok for primary keywords but it may dilute relevancy for other keywords which might rank better on pages by themselves. Another area of concern might be authority with all the inbound links pointing to one URL. Muliple pages gives more credibility I would think. As for content, I'd break up each section with H1 tags to show each separate section. Again I think if it is good for the user then Google will love it
  2. I'm trying out Divi

    Mark, Danielle does all our sites using DIVI so hopefully she will chime in but we love it so far.
  3. Fly High Virtual Services

    Hi Rhonda and welcome! Congrats on getting married, I just got married myself in September so still enjoying newlywed life I look forward to getting to know you more through your participation here. Enjoy the boards and if you have any questions just ask but also looking forward to you sharing your knowledge too. Cool website domain name, way to go thinking up that! PS: I merged both your introductions into this one thread
  4. Welcome to our network and glad you have joined us. Finding new clients in the beginning is one of the toughest areas of business but it's just a process. Remember that statistically you must meet 20 people before you find 2 that are interested. So basically you are going to get 18 NOs before you get a YES so just stick to it and don't give up. Here's suggestions on how to find clients:
  5. How to Find New Clients

    I just wanted to update this thread a bit with my top 5 ways to find clients from quickest/easiest to takes time/harder... 1. Join VA organizations that have high quality job boards specific to VA work like my VAinsiders.com This is the quickest and easiest way to get your first client! You don't have to do anything but apply to the RFP. 2. Promote yourself locally. Attend local meetups, Chamber of Commerce meetings or other networking events. Start getting known at these events and forming relationships with the people who attend these and in a short time you'll find that you start to attract clients from these events. People trust quicker in person and once trust is established they will buy from you. 3. Promote yourself on your social networks. When I say promote I don't mean SELL SELL SELL. I mean HELP HELP HELP. Get on your social networks and share helpful information with your peeps, help them solve their problems and in no time you'll start seeing people hiring you and/or recommending you to their friends. Go hang out in groups where your target market is conversing. These are the best areas to form relationships which in turn can turn into clients for you. I highly recommend LinkedIn if you are a VA because here is where you will find business entrepreneurs who need a VA. ie) You won't find your mother hanging out in a Linkedin group 4. Build your list. Yep, the $$$ is in the list and I highly recommend you start building your list from the get go! If you are a member of my VAinsiders Club please check out our Email Marketing Challenge Training and it will teach you step by step how to get your list up and making you new clients. 5. Contact 20 people every day and you'll be turning away potential clients. Yep I mean this! If you have no clients yet then spend the most of your day finding new people to contact and start forming a relationship with them. If you say you have no contacts just look at your Facebook friend list or at all the contacts on your cell phone and start there. Contact them in the beginning socially just to establish a ping/pong conversation. Ask them how they are doing and get the conversation going. Once it is flowing nicely only then can you bring up the subject of how you could help them solve their business task problems. The reason I say contact 20 / day is because it is known statistically that for every 20 people you contact 2 will say yes. Don't give up and go for NO! Get excited instead of depressed when 18 have said NO because statistically the next 2 should be YES! Ok, start at #1 and go get those new clients!
  6. Introduction

    Hiya Jo and welcome to our VA network! What a relief to find out there is a term like VA (which you already are). I remember when I first heard it as it made me feel like I belonged somehow. Cool idea with your new blog spot and wish you the best with it.
  7. New Introduction

    Hiya and welcome! I split your topic into your own so you could shine Looking forward to getting to know you more through your participation here. If you have any questions, just ask. You might want to check out my daughters website MilitaryVirtualAssistants.com too and if you signup to her newsletter I believe she has a private forum area she can add you to just for military VAs.
  8. Bohemian Codes :-)

    Hi Eliane and welcome to our network! Looking forward to getting to know you more through your participation here. What a great idea on your website to offer a 50% OFF in trial period...genius!
  9. Niche

    Hiya and welcome to our network. Yes, working for non-profits is a niche for some VAs and a good one at that. Good to hear you are zoning in and finding your niche as it will make it easier for you to market your business knowing exactly who your target market is. If you have any questions, just ask as we are here to support you
  10. Introduction

    Hiya and welcome! Looking forward to getting to know you more through your participation here, enjoy the boards!
  11. Hi Kami and welcome! This sounds like a perfect career path for you. You could at least have an income during the off season and once it picks up maybe give up winter work and do this instead Where do you live? If you have any questions, just ask as we are here to support you
  12. A Roundup of Today's Best WP Plugins

    These are Lynette Chandler's plugins which I highly recommend. Here's my affiliate link I've known Lynette for years and she's done a bunch of backend coding work for me with Amember, she is awesome and smart as a whip! I think these would be awesome addon products for you to sell as they are related to your target (WordPress users). I'd sell them myself but its too small of a market for myself but for you I think it would be really focused.
  13. Interested in Becoming a VA

    Hi Caitriona and welcome! That's how I got started too, worked a full time job and started building my business in the evenings. It can be overwhelming getting started but also remember you don't have to have all your ducks in a row to get your first client. Just dive in and the rest your will learn as needed. Here's a VA startup checklist that may be helpful. (It's also inside your FREE VA Member Lounge.)
  14. New to VA

    Hiya Jenn and welcome! Great to hear your excitement about becoming part of the VA industry. There is no better job than working from home and I love it! Looking forward to getting to know you more through your participation here. ENJOY!
  15. Jennifer Keller Introduction

    Hiya Jennifer and welcome! I hear you about network marketing, it's not for everyone chasing those sales down. If you love blogging/writing that could be very lucrative for you as a Virtual Assistant. Those services are in high demand in this industry especially for those who specialize in that area. You can also build your own list which I highly recommend if you enjoy writing and start forming relationships through it which will eventually lead to new clients for you I'm looking forward to getting to know you more through your participation here.

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