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Current Products (make up to $500 USD per sale):

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What is an Affiliate Program?

An Affiliate Program is an advertising system that rewards people, like yourself, for helping to drive traffic to our website. It’s a WIN/WIN since we get an excellent sales team (YOU) out there working for us to sell our products and you get all the commissions and make some passive moola!

How Does Our Affiliate Program Work?

When you refer people to our website, our site will know that person was referred by you because each visitor is tagged with a special code that contains your affiliate ID#, and you will get credited with a commission. You will continue to receive commission payments each time that person returns to our site and makes another purchase, for their lifetime with us!

Who is the Target Market for Our Products?

Our products are suited to entrepreneurs interested in working from home online offering administrative and other niche virtual services to businesses specifically Virtual Assistants.  Our target audience is:

  • The majority of our users are between the ages of 23 to 50
  • 92.3% work out of their homes
  • 97.2% of our users are women
  • 70.1% are married
  • 76.1% of our users have children
  • 92% use Windows
  • 24% spend 30 min+ browsing website
  • 83% of visitors are US, 6% visitors are Canadian and 11% International

Other target markets that would make extremely high sales are markets like administrative assistants, virtual professionals, work-at-home moms and dads, virtual consultants, women’s organizations or other entrepreneurs who work from home.

How Do I Drive Traffic To Your Website to Make My Commissions?

If you have a website, a newsletter, or social networks online, you can promote our products to make commission sales. We’ll teach you how to do this once you sign up. You will receive complete instructions inside our Affiliate Center once you log in. PLUS, as an added bonus, Tawnya will personally send you out an email every now and then with tips and selling tools on how to expand on all your online marketing efforts to help you produce the affiliate commissions you want to earn.

Can I make as much as I want or am I limited at all?

You can earn up to $500 USD per sale (25% commission on most products except coaching-based products which receive 10%) from each customer!

You have unlimited earning potential with NO SET LIMITS to how much you can make. We have a few affiliates who just sell our Virtual Assistant Career Startup System and that is all they do all day! With a commission rate of up to $ 500 USD per sale, it’s a great item to market. Plus, every time a customer comes back to our website to buy, it will be tracked and you will receive the commission sales from that person for any other product they buy from us for the lifetime of that customer.

Once you receive your sign-up information with your Affiliate ID and are approved as an affiliate, you will be able to log in and view the status of your account together with reports of your commission activity which will include details about which of your referrals made purchases at our website.

Tracking Payments and Commissions

Once you join and are approved (watch for our verification email), you’ll be given your own login details to access the VA Affiliate Area. There, you’ll be able to track your commissions in real-time and check your complete statistics.

You’ll be able to find out:

  • How many unique visitors you’ve received
  • How many direct sales have been made
  • Your total earnings, total paid and amount due to you.
  • Full order statistics, including date ordered

You’ll also be able to download banners and links to put on your website, plus you will be able to ask us for any help and advice regarding this opportunity via our VA Support Desk.

In short, you can rest assured that full and detailed statistics are available whenever you require them. Our ordering system uses the latest in sophisticated Internet technologies. Everything is processed in real-time, and your commissions are added to and totaled automatically.

We’re here to help! If you have any questions or need assistance with anything related to the affiliate program, simply contact us and we’ll be happy to assist you. You can also find helpful resources and tips in our Affiliate Center, as well as receive personalized support and guidance from Tawnya Sutherland, our founder and a Certified Internet Marketing Business Specialist.

So let’s get started! Just click the link below to join for free!

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Tawnya Sutherland
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Affiliate Program TERMS:

All affiliate applications are manually approved.

  1. Payments are only made through PayPal on the 15th of each month so a PayPal account is required for payment. Get one here.
  2. Payments are made on affiliate sales only after they clear 30 days grace period.
  3. We only accept marketers who use ethical means of promotion (i.e., no spam) but other than that, you’re free to apply and there are no sales obligations at all.
  4. We do not pay commissions on your own purchases. 

If we don’t personally know you then you may be subject to the following affiliate protocols to prevent fraudulent transactions within our affiliate program:

  1. Affiliates must use a domain name email and not a Gmail, Outlook or other random email address for security identification purposes.
  2. New affiliates must make a minimum of $100 sales commissions on product sales before they get any affiliate payments. $1 sales leads do not count as affiliate sales but will be paid out once the $100 minimum sales commission is reached.
  3. We may hold back affiliate commissions for up to 3 months to prevent credit card fraudulent use.
  4. At our discretion, we can lock and remove your affiliate privileges at any time if we feel there are any suspicious activities happening.

Contact us directly if you have any questions.