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No matter what stage you are at with your Virtual Assistant service-based business you’ll want to grab our FREE VA Resources today! You’ll receive numerous resources (videos, checklists, worksheets, etc.) that you can implement this very minute to help you find more clients and grow your VA business. See what’s included below. 

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CHECKLIST: Virtual Assistant Start Up

Receive access to Tawnya Sutherland’s very own Virtual Assistant Checklist to help you on the journey of getting your business up and running easily and successfully. It covers the full startup areas of a Virtual Assistant business including Business Sense, Business Description, Marketing, Operations, Financials, Business Plan and Maintenance in an easy check off list PLUS further resources to help you get going in a new VA business.

Virtual Assistant Stat Up Checklist

VIDEO: So You Want to Become a Virtual Assistant?

Operating a successful Virtual Assistant (VA) business has given many administrative professionals the opportunity for increased autonomy, flexibility, and satisfaction in their work. But while the freedom to control your own income can be enticing, it can also feel risky. If you’ve ever been curious what it would be like to be the boss of your own service business, but don’t know where to start, or want to understand the realities of operating as a VA, this is for you. Drawing on 20 years of experience as a virtual assistant, Tawnya answers the most popular questions about becoming a VA, including:

  1. WHO is a VA?
  2. WHAT services can a VA offer?
  3. WHERE do VAs find clients?
  4. WHEN do VAs get paid?
  5. WHY do VAs need a marketing plan?
  6. HOW do VAs grow their business?
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Become a Virtual Assistant Training Video

CHECKLIST: 200 Services a VA Can Offer Their Clients

This handy checklist suggests over 200 ways you can utilize the services of a Virtual Assistant which may or may not apply to your business, but they may spark some new ideas regarding what a VA can do for your business.

Any business can utilize the help of a Virtual Assistant (VA). If you have administrative, creative and/or technical tasks you don’t want to do yourself then this is where a VA can step in and help you out. That way you can focus on doing the tasks that make you more money not to mention you love doing!

VIDEO: Setting Your Price, Getting Paid & Making it Legal

In order for any business to be successful setting proper pricing and pricing policies is the key. This video will assist you in how to determine your rates and the necessary policies regarding pricing that will allow others to understand why you price the way you do. We will also cover how to get paid and what aspects you should be considering with respect to contracts for your business.


Ever wondered what you should charge hourly in your Virtual Assistant business to make a profit? If so download our handy Hourly Pricing FORMULA Worksheet.

All you have to do is fill in the blanks (like your yearly salary goal, your operational costs and your billable hours) and our worksheet does the rest. VOILA! This excel worksheet will automatically calculate the hourly rate you need to charge to keep your business afloat!

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WORKSHEET: Company Menu

In anticipation of putting together packages in the future start putting together your “Company Menu” as you start doing individual tasks for your clients. Every time forthwith that you do a task for a client make sure you keep track of the time it took you to complete that task. As you add these tasks to your Company Menu try to categorize them by skillsets to keep it organized just like a chef keeps their dishes on a menu organized under Appetizers, Main Dinner, Dessert and Drinks. Your menu might have Email Marketing, Social Media, Writing and WordPress categories on it.

CONTRACT: Independent Contractor Agreement (Word .doc)

Inside your VA Member Lounge you’ll even find an Independent Contractor Agreement for you to download to help make it legal with your new client. Edit this contract to suit your business protocols like setting out the rights and obligations of both parties and providing a resolution in the event of default plus how to allocate the risk – what could go wrong and who would be responsible – for example if the work isn’t completed (or even if the work is completed). Grab this contract so you have your legalease mumbo jumbo in place.

WORKSHEET: Prospective Client List with Follow-up

Inside your VA Member Lounge you’ll find this handy worksheet to keep track of and follow up with your prospective clients.

TEMPLATE: Client Needs Analysis (Word .doc)

Use this worksheet when you are talking to your prospective clients on the phone to find out exactly how you can help them. 

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TEMPLATE: Client Intake Form

​After you close the deal and sign your new client, use this form to gather more information from your client so you can better serve them.

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BONUS: VA Coloring Book

Download our Virtual Assistant Coloring book to help you destress midday yet still keep you in the work-mode mindset. As you color, you can daydream about your work or challenges you have been facing in a less stressed way. Sometimes the picture that you see in an otherwise random doodle can be the gateway to the solution you’ve been struggling with. A fun way to take some time out just for you during your workweek. With over 25 inviting doodle designs related to your VA business to choose from and color, you’ll be sure to have fun. Share a colored page with your client in snail mail to brighten their day like the doodle on page 21 “To my client, Thank You For the JOY You Brought into my Life”. Have fun coloring!

Virtual Assistant Coloring Book

VIP LIST: Up-to-date News of Resources in the VA Industry

Stay up to date on market leading news in the VA industry through our VIP newsletter which Tawnya Sutherland (Founder) has been sharing with Virtual Assistants worldwide since 2003.  She regularly shares FREE & promotional VA educational resources, training, business strategies and proven methods PLUS anything else that comes across her desk deemed valuable to a Virtual Assistant’s growth.

“No more excuses! The resources needed to easily make money as a Virtual Assistant are yours for the taking…

Finally a VA Member Lounge to help kick start any Virtual Assistant business into high gear! For example:

  • For the new VA they can get their hands on a business start up checklist to help them have a blueprint to easily get up and running.
  • For the intermediate VA they can benefit from the video training on setting your prices to make more money.
  • For the expert VA they can get started with affiliate marketing ebook and start implementing a passive income

No matter what stage of business a VA is at, being a member of the VA Member Lounge will benefit you and help you make more money in your business starting this very month!”

Mark Hunter,

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