Your VA Hosting Plan

Welcome and thank you for choosing us for hosting needs with a VA Hosting Plan 

Please read this welcome email carefully as it has important information regarding your account and instructions for assisting you in getting started. Your hosting plan includes:

STEP 1: Order your domain name

GO HERE to order your domain name if you don’t have one yet. You can order your domain name from any registrar but we recommend NameCheap because they don’t charge you double the price for yearly renewal like other registrars do. All you need is a domain name as I supply you with hosting so don’t order any other items upon checkout. It should only cost you around $12/year for your domain name.

Next, you’ll need to point your Nameservers to our server. If you do not know how to do this contact the company you bought your domain at and ask them how.

Our Nameservers are:

STEP 2: Set up your hosting package

Next, contact us via email at to let us know what your domain name and that you’ve switched over the DNS Nameservers (Step 1) so we can set up your hosting on our server. This can take anywhere from 24-72 hours to propagate your domain over to our server. We will send you an email with your Cpanel login when it’s completed.

Your cPanel login URL is (substitute with your domain name)

Detailed instructions on how to use your cPanel are located here. Please consult this manual before consulting our office for any technical difficulties that you may be able to resolve yourself.  Although we do our best to help you with any technical problems you may encounter, we may have to charge you at our hourly rate for problems that may be solved by reading the manual.  If unsure, ask your web developer for their input. ie) Setting up your email accounts, uploading your website files to your server, etc. 

Each hosting package comes with 5 email accounts you may use in any way you wish.  If you require more, just ask and we’ll set you up. To set up your new email accounts, login into your cPanel with your login information above, and click on the Email Accounts icon under Mail icon and follow the directions. Once set up you can always access them here too: (substitute with your domain name)

STEP 3 WordPress Options

Please let us know via email

1, If you’d like a basic install of WordPress.

2. If you’d like Divi Theme and plugins installed, Updates for Divi theme and Divi Plugins (Bloom and Monarch) are available as long as you host with us. (Please keep Tawnya as a WordPress Admin User so she can keep your DIVI Theme and plugins updated).

3. If you’d like to have our premade VA DIVI template installed.

Our pre-made VA DIVI Template Theme comes with everything a VA website requires. Your main home sales page, About Us page, Services Page, Resources Page (or use this for whatever you want) and a Contact Page. By simply changing our content and pictures to yours, your website can be set up quickly so you can get going. As you become more comfortable with WordPress, you’ll learn how to change colors, fonts and make other design pages. For right now, let’s just get you up and running with our pre-made template.

Further Resources:

NOTE: If you are BRAND NEW to WordPress, take a deep breath as it may take you a good week to get your website up and running but just remember Rome wasn’t built overnight.

We’ve put together some quick tutorials below to get your website up and running quickly if you are using our premade VA DIVI template.

VA DIVI Template Tutorials:

How do I change my logo?

WATCH THIS VIDEO – You could create your own logo in Canva. Or if you prefer not to have a logo for the time-being then simply remove the file in the logo area and save with no file.

How do I update the social media icons and color of the top bar with my contact info?

WATCH THIS VIDEO – Example: The URL to my Pinterest is

How do I make the contact forms send to my email address?

WATCH THIS VIDEO – Make sure you edit all the forms on this template with your email address.

How do I create and edit pages?