Top 10 Way an Educator Can Use a Virtual Assisstant

By VAnetworking member Sherra Scott

While most services a Virtual Assistant offers are geared specifically to the corporate world, many times those services can be adapted to other areas. Education for instance – most people know that standing in front of a class giving a lecture is not the only thing educators do. There are countless hours behind the scenes poured into the preparation of just a single class and keeping the classroom organized. Some educators are fortunate enough to have an assistant, either paid or volunteer, to help out with that “behind the scenes” work.  However, not every educator is that fortunate – that is where a VA can help.

Here are ten ways an educator can use a Virtual Assistant.

  1. PowerPoint presentations – A VA can create a PowerPoint presentation to go along with your lecture.
  1. Typing – A VA can type letters to parents or students, the class syllabus, class handouts, labels for folders or cubbies or any other correspondence you need.
  1. Class newsletter – A VA can create a class newsletter to keep parents and students updated on the current happenings in the classroom or on campus.
  1. Update class website – Many teachers have a class website to keep parents and students updated on current class schedules and homework assignments, but how many actually update it regularly?  A VA can keep the site up to date.
  1. Certificates – A VA can create certificates for end of the year awards or other special awards throughout the year.
  1. Research – A VA can do the “leg work” researching website links for supplemental material for your lecture or possible field trip destinations related to class curriculum.
  1. Spreadsheets – A VA can create a spreadsheet to record grades with a column that will automatically average the grades for you.
  1. Resume – A VA help write and type up your resume for summer employment.
  1. Grants – A VA can assist with research or typing for education related grants.
  1. Grade papers – Mail that stack of papers you’ve been meaning to grade but haven’t had the time (with the answer key) and have your VA grade them for you.   When complete the VA would put them back in the mail to you.

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*Source: Virtual Assistant Networking Association
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