Top 10 Ways a Virtual Assistant Can Maximize Your Holiday Marketing Campaign

by VAnetworking member Frances Palaschuk

For small business effective seasonal marketing campaigns can mean real big business. It is after all the busiest season of the year. Almost every business takes advantage of some sort of marketing gimmick from Holiday Barbie 2007 to Stocking Stuffers for your pets. When you think about it they are still selling the same old products and services but with a twist.

Fancy packaging, bundling services and gift certificates are some effective ways to get your products or services ready for the holidays. A Virtual Assistant can be your best resource to get these tasks underway. The top benefits you get by partnering with a virtual assistant are:

  • Save time;
  • Save money while making money; and
  • Get things done.

A Virtual Assistant (VA) can assist with the development, implementation and post event review of your holiday marketing campaign.

Here are the top 10 ways to maximize your holiday marketing campaign by partnering with A Virtual Assistant (VA).

  1. Develop your products and/or services into holiday package deals/bundles.
  2. Optimize your website/blog content for holiday related keywords.
  3. Design a mini-site to showcase your holiday specials.
  4. Write a snappy press release to launch your holiday campaign.
  5. Submit your press release to all major sources targeting your business niche.
  6. Design banners to proudly display your new campaign on your site as well as any partner or online advertising sites.
  7. Design, print, and mail out campaign postcards to selected clients. Send follow up emails at predetermined dates as deadline approaches.
  8. Write, format, and send out email postcards.
  9. Track website/blog stats and tweak content accordingly.
  10. Manage campaign customer relations including, phone, email, shipping, PR, FAQ’s, technical support, call scripting.

Other ways to use Virtual Assistance services during the holiday season are:

  • create clever copy for your press releases
  • submit articles and press releases
  • design a catchy holiday newsletter
  • send alerts to your clients and prospects
  • maintain comments on articles and/or press release
  • design, print or purchase and mail out holiday greeting cards
  • design and send out promotional flyer’s and/or merchandise
  • coordinate holiday events
  • holiday travel planning
  • purchase & delivery of holiday gifts
  • management of your charitable donations and engagements

To ensure you beat the holiday rush, you will want to start advertising your holiday campaign specials before November 15, 2007. Your postcards to announce your 2007 campaign must be mailed on or before November 9, 2007.

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*Source: Virtual Assistant Networking Association
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