The Top 12 Ways A Smart Business Will Use A Virtual Assistant

The Top 12 Ways A Smart Business Will Use A Virtual Assistant; To Create and Maintain An Online Portfolio

OK, so in case you haven’t heard yet a Virtual Assistant (VA) is a real, live person who is highly skilled in their niche business market segment. Yes, a real live person! Don’t let the word virtual confuse you here. Virtual is simply the term used to describe the fact that you as a business owner can indeed employ business support personal who are NOT local.

In fact, in some of the more popular niche market segments like Internet Marketing, Real Estate, Coaching, Consulting and Writing the new question amongst these successful business owners is, “who is your virtual assistant?”

Since VAs rely heavily on “word of mouth” marketing and are usually people who have extensive experience in a corporate business administration environment you can expect to receive a high caliber of professional support services from your VA.

The top 12 ways a smart business will use a virtual assistant; To Create and Maintain An Online Presence include:

  1. To Create and implement a 12 month Internet Marketing/Media Plan
  2. Set up a blog, RSS feed, analytics, opt in subscriber account, and provide basic blog training.
  3. Develop a blogging strategy; blog maintenance, guest blogging, blog carnivals, blog linking, blog post commenting, blog writing and more.
  4. Engage in social media networking
  5. Create an online customer interaction and/or engagement plan
  6. To write, edit and distribute a niche market ebook
  7. Maintain leads database and autoresponder system
  8. Create and maintain a newsletter
  9. Create and maintain an Internet radio show aka podcast
  10. Implement and maintain an affiliate marketing plan
  11. Keep up with competitive and industry advances
  12. Build an effective 12 month online professional development schedule

So, as you can see a virtual assistant makes it simple and cost effective for busy business owners to engage in all the latest online marketing activities.

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*Source: Virtual Assistant Networking Association
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