justdoitheartIf you and I were face to face right now and I asked you if you’re only doing things you love to do in your business, would you honestly be able to answer yes?

If that’s the case then bravo! Good for you. But I have a feeling you might be doing more in your business than just those things you love. (No, I’m not psychic – but you are reading a blog about partnering with a virtual assistant, remember?)

I’m willing to bet you’re spending quite a good chunk of time each day on things you dread don’t love, simply because you’re stuck in a “do-it-all-yourself” rut and are finding it hard to get out.

Here’s the thing. If you’re burning the candle at both ends trying to do it all, can you really say you’re successful? We all have our own way definition of success, but who can really feel successful when they’re working 24/7 on AND in their business with no down time?

If you find yourself the perfect virtual assistant for you, you’ll be amazed at how your life will change. The right VA for you will understand your industry/niche/business and will probably already know where you need help. Delegate those things you despise so you have more positive energy to focus on what really counts in your business – the parts you love. All the time you’ll free up by unloading your less favorite tasks is yours.

After all, didn’t you go into business so you could get paid to do what you love and to have more flexibility in your life? Well…how’s that workin’ for ya if you’re sitting there trying to do it all yourself?

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