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I really like the ability to send in an RFP / Job Posting! I wanted to let you know that I recently posted a job offer on your site and on two other, larger, more well-known sites (Indeed and Hubstaff). About twenty (20) people applied to my job from the latter two sites… but… the two VAs that applied via your site were hands-down the best qualified applicants, and wrote the most personalized and professional cover letters of anyone who applied. I liked one of the candidates from your site so much, I just hired her. 🙂 Thanks for hosting a site that attracts such high-quality VAs. If I ever need another VA, I’ll come to your site first. In the meantime, I’ll recommend your site to every colleague or client of mine who needs a good VA.

Jake Mazulewicz, Ph.D.

Sometimes I’d like to think I’m super woman, but the reality is, I’m far from it! As a busy VA, I have a lot on my plate and sometimes I just plain don’t want to do it all! So guess what? I have this awesome resource called the RFP Job Board! What a lifesaver. It’s a place that I know I can go to find quality, ethical and awesome VA’s who have the skill-sets I don’t and/or want to do the things that just aren’t my cake. The last time I posted a job, I had a great response from several qualified individuals and filled the position for my client within 2 days. And that made me look goooood! Thanks Tawnya and the whole VA Networking team! ?

Chantel Shelton, Owner of Confident Woman

A cost comparison for a full-time employee versus a Virtual Assistant

Cost Comparison Virtual Assistant Versus Full-time Employee

Here are the top 5 reasons to partner with a Virtual Assistant:

1.  Lower operational costs:
  • Reduce costs associated with the production of products and /or services.
  • Cut down overhead associated with equipment, payroll, human resources training, medical, office space and utilities.
  • Only pay for the work that needs to be done eliminating the costs associated with idle or non productive time.
2.  Make more efficient use of time:
  • Give you the flexibility to delegate tasks according to skill and abilities; thus increasing the quality of the work while reducing the time spent on each task.
  • Give you the ability to focus more time on the business aspects in which you are highly skilled and enjoy.
  • Make time for the urgent, imperative matters that arise.
  • Give you time to focus on the overall business goals and set priorities accordingly.
  • Allow time for the little things that sometimes get left out or overlooked.
3.  Keep up with technology:
  • Gain access to an industry professional that can implement the top trends and technology, and has a vast network of resources to capitalize on.
  • Give you the edge you need to stay competitive, and evolve.
  • Implement the right tools and resources for your business.
4. Enhance productivity:
  • Implement tools and processes to operate more effectively.
  • Enable you to deliver better results in a shorter time frame.
  • Speed up the process of getting your products and/or services to the client.
  • Enable you to put into play the concepts and carry out the projects that are currently on your wish list.
  • Give you access to a larger range of highly skilled peopled.
5. Convert your business into a hi-speed virtual office:
  • Give you the ability to work anywhere in the world while remaining accessible to your client base.
  • Facilitate the exchange and collaboration of information and documentation.
  • Enhance the efficiency and accessibility of the business information available to the client.
  • Automate processes and procedures.

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