Timothy Ferriss’s controversial book called “The Four Hour Work Week” suggests that you can literally outsource almost every task you dislike doing and end up working four hours a week instead of forty or more each week. While you might not want to go that far with it, you may be able to outsource enough things to a Virtual Assistant to feel like you have a lot more freedom.

Why You Should Start Outsourcing this Year

1. Time and Freedom.

This is the number one reason to outsource to a Virtual Assistant more. You need more time and freedom to do things you love, like be with your family, exercise, travel, and do things with your family that makes memories for a lifetime. You’ll have more time and freedom to buy those experiences that your kids will remember forever.

2. You’ll Earn More!

It may seem crazy that if you spend money on outsourcing you’ll ultimately earn more money, but it’s true. Think of it this way; if you can make $150 an hour with your main thing, why would you spend any time whatever doing any task that you can outsource for half that or less?

3. Let Go of Stress.

Often times you will find yourself very stressed out when it’s time to do certain aspects of your business. That might be bookkeeping or even cleaning the house. When you feel that stress let it go and outsource it to a Virtual Assistant.

4. It’s Not Your Expertise.

If you’re not well trained in doing something, it may take you hours to do when compared to an expert doing it. For example, maybe you can make graphics on Canva but each one takes you an hour, whereas an expert can make five graphics during that time. Is it really worth it to do it yourself in that case?

5. You Can Build Your Business Bigger!

When you outsource strategically, you can build your business bigger than you ever thought possible. You can start being the CEO of your business instead of just another employee in your business.

6. Get Better Results.

When you have an expert take over something, you’ll get better results. For example, if you hire an expert to do social media marketing for you, you’ll start seeing your business grow seemingly by magic

7. Take Out the Emotions.

When you outsource certain things like customer service and email management, it will help you remove the emotional component of these issues. You can get someone else to handle that so that you just only hear the good things and don’t have to deal with customer issues.

8. Build a Better Business.

Even if you’re a single person working at your kitchen table, with the right team of outsourcers you can become as efficient as a big business. You’ll sleep great at night by sending all your little tasks to a general Virtual Assistant before you go to bed, and then watch them get done without you giving it another thought in the next 24 to 48 hours.

Talk about less stress and more relaxation. Just outsource any task you want to by hiring a Virtual Assistant through our job board to get almost anything done.

“If you have the right people on your team, you can succeed at anything.” ~ Jim Collins

Why You Should Start Outsourcing This Year

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