Top Ten Tips to Ensure Your Virtual Assistant Business Succeeds

Top Ten Tips to Ensure Your Virtual Assistant Business Succeeds

By VAnetworking member Helen Byrne

The virtual assistant industry is a booming one. However, if you are just starting out, you might be experiencing some concerns. Perhaps you are having a hard time getting new clients or maybe the long hours were not something you bargained for. Has the start-up process been slower than you thought it might be? There are many concerns that anyone new to the virtual assistant industry might have.

However, making your business a success must involve some really hard work on your part. Below are the top ten tips to making your virtual assistant business a success.

  1. Manage Your Time – If you find that you are working extremely long hours, you will want to take some time management steps. Set specific hours and stick to those hours, plan your day in advance with a planner, and know what you are doing from month to month with a calendar.
  2. Have a Positive Outlook – Negative thinking can be one of the major factors in failure. When you want clients to partner with you as a virtual assistant, you need to have a positive outlook on your success. Actually see the success, and it will happen.
  3. Network – There are numerous places that allow you to network with other VA’s. When you join a networking group, you will find support, knowledge, advice, and even recommendations for work.
  4. Website – Your website is a crucial element to the success of your business. It should be attractive, informative, and functional. Without a well thought out and designed website, you will find that your business is lacking in perhaps its most crucial area.
  5. Web Content – Articles can be your best friend in getting the traffic and the business you are looking for. A well-written article does many things for your business. It can instill trust in your clients, show expertise and knowledge, and with keywords, bring traffic and potential clients directly to your website.
  6. Invest – No business can function without some sort of financial investment. You want to make sure that you have the right equipment for any service you offer.
  7. Advertise – Advertisements are another form of financial investment. With a catchy and well designed advertisement, you will attract clients interested in partnering with a virtual assistant. Advertisements can be placed in a variety of ways including in local and national press, professional journals and on the internet.
  8. Outsourcing – Even if you are not well equipped for a certain skill, you can outsource to provide your clients with the most extensive list of services. Many other VA’s may be willing to partner with you to provide services that you cannot, and vice versa.
  9. Dedication – You have to have dedication to make any business work. Remember why you chose this business as your career and focus on your original goals. Your dedication will prove to clients that you are serious about succeeding.
  10. Commitment – You have to make a commitment to both your business and your clients. Keep to the deadlines you have set with clients for returning their work, and most importantly, make sure you are available to your clients when you say you will be.

Knowing these ten top tips to making your virtual assistant business a success will help you understand the most crucial elements to your business.

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*Source: Virtual Assistant Networking Association
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