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Giving Thanks to Your Virtual Assistant

When was the last time you gave a BIG THANK YOU to your Virtual Assistant?

Being it is the holiday season to give thanks for the wonderful things in our lives, I thought I would give thanks to my VA too! THANK YOU Danielle Beauchemin of Proactive VA!  Without you in my life my business would not be as successful as it is today.

Want to show your VA how thankful you are for their services?

Bring a smile to your Virtual Assistant’s face and share the special infographic below with them to thank them!

Feeling Lonely and Isolated Working From Your Home Office?

lonelyWorking from home as a Virtual Assistant can sometimes make you feel lonely or isolated. No doubt about it!

It’s quite different from working in a corporate office environment (that’s for sure) and can be quite a shock to your system when you first start working from home.

It’s hard NOT TO MISS how socially engaging it was working around people where you could actually:

  • Roll your chair around to talk to the co-worker in the cubicle behind you to ask them how to freeze panes in an Excel file.
  • Meet up in the lunch room to chat about the holiday party at the end of the month

Does Your Email Inbox Make You Swear #%$&! Too???

Does Your Inbox Make You SwearHave you ever thought that managing your email feels like more of a burden than what it’s worth?

I know I have thought that and many days just felt overwhelmed even considering looking at it!

But here’s the truth: Email is a valuable tool that has actually revolutionized the way that we all work.  As a Virtual Assistant it is an important part of daily communication with our clients. Imagine trying to run your business without it?  When used correctly, email can be a terrific time saver and also a productivity tool.

VA Templates, Checklists & Tools to Make You Shine!


The Fall season is creeping upon us and we all know what that means… SCHOOL STARTS!

AND educational training isn’t just for our children … We should be continually educating ourselves on a consistent basis as well so that we can stay on top of everything going on in the Virtual Assistant industry. Education can bring us new revenue streams by teaching us new ways of making money in our service based business.

SO to get things rolling for you in that area…

I’m giving away a $100 gift certificate to one lucky person to apply to some cool NEW Virtual Assistant training courses that just came across my desk.

10 Ways a Virtual Assistant Can REVOLUTIONIZE Your Business

VA200For those of you who are still in the dark, a Virtual Assistant, or VA, is an executive level, administrative professional who works from his/her own office to support clients using some of the latest available technology.

The Internet has brought many skilled professionals out of the corporate environment and back into their homes, enabling them to create a better work-life balance, while still performing in the roles they love.

The VA is one such professional.

Working from their home-based offices and making use of the Internet, telephone, fax and email, VAs are able to offer small and medium-sized businesses a quality of administrative support, previously only available to the corporate giants, in a cost-effective manner.

Want to Become an Instant Expert in Your VA Business?

It’s really easy to do if you have plenty of written content surrounding your subject of expertise.

People love to read online and learn from others who know their stuff!

New and consistent up-to-date niche content focused on your market gains you credibility as an instant expert!


Are you thinking right now that sure it would be a fabulous marketing tactic to provide my peeps with educational content but barriers I have are:

  1. I just don’t have the time to write this content
  2. My writing sucks and no one would read it

VAVS Conference for VAs is Back! Don’t Miss Early Bird Draws!

VAVS9 is back for it’s ninth season!

Have you got your seat yet?

If so you are one smart Virtual Assistant (VA) because you will be included in our Early Bird and attendee draws that amount to over $3100.

VAVS stands for the “Virtual Assistant VAvirtuoso Seminars” an online conference that VAs keep coming back to attend each season to help grow their business in the right direction (to make money!)


  1. We learn new business strategies together and get tips from each other on how to succeed working virtually

Hey VA, Are You Acting as a Coach, Consultant or Trainer?

We had a great time with Kelly McCausey on Thursday when she kicked off our free training webinars for 2014.  

It’s amazing how many Virtual Assistants have crossed over into the role of a coach, consultant or trainer.

Watch the video replay here

And here’s what else Kelly had to say …

If we hopped into a time machine va-coach-consultant-trainer1and rolled the clock back to my earliest days in business on the internet, the term Virtual Assistant was almost completely unknown. When you met a VA and asked them to explain what they do, they would almost always compare themselves a home based secretary and go on to describe the administrative skills they provided to clients.

Are You Using Google+ in Your 2014 Social Marketing Strategy?

If NOT, grab the book “What the Plus!” by Guy Kawasaki and start reading it today!

what-the-plus-01 (1)

This book will change your mindset about marketing your business on Facebook or Twitter in 2014, TRUST ME ;)

I bought the physical book from Amazon as I like to have my books in hand when I read but there’s a link to the FREE eBook too (Courtesy of Google) if you follow +GuyKawasaki on Google+ or grab it below in my blog resources. The ebook is really handy to have on your computer because it has all the links built right into it to just click on, explore and learn.

Your Virtual Assistant Office Should Work For You, Not Against You

Would you believe me if I told you that a few changes in your home office could result in more clients, increased productivity, a more enjoyable work experience, and more success?  

tryfengshuiThese changes might be minor or major, depending on your office but they can make a huge difference to your business. 

So, by now you’re wondering “What the heck is she talking about.”  Well, I’m talking about Feng Shui.  Feng Shui is all around us in both its positive form and negative form.  If we clear the negative Feng Shui from our lives, we can start to enjoy the benefits of positive or good Feng Shui.