8 Reasons Virtual Assistants Should Hire a Business Coach

Hiring a business coach is a strategic next step for most sole proprietors, not just Virtual Assistants! If you think about it, no CEO does everything alone when it comes to running a business. They have assistants and advisers and many people that help keep them... read more

Virtual Assistant T-Shirt Tagline Contest

Do you love wearing t-shirts as much as I do? I love the fact that t-shirts are cool and comfy (especially since I’m going through that hot flash stage in life LOL) plus they just never seem to go out of style. I can wear a t-shirt with my everyday jeans while... read more

Thinking of Writing a Book in 2016 or Work With Authors?

I’ve been thinking about writing a book in 2016 and have been researching everything I can get my hands on to learn how to move forth with this project. As many of you already know that have authors as clients, writing a book can increase your expert status and... read more

Hire a Screencasting Video Virtual Assistant in 2016

Want to increase engagement, speed up brand awareness, and improve search engine optimization with your online business? If this sounds exciting to you then you’ll want to hire a Screencasting Video Virtual Assistant in 2016. Video is shared and engaged with... read more

3 Webinar Tips I Got From A Basketball Game

I recently went to a Charlotte Bobcats game with my family. It was the Bobcats vs the Oklahoma City Thunder. Earlier in the week, my plan was to get a Nathan’s hotdog and cotton candy. Yes, that’s what I was looking forward to at an NBA game. However, I ended up... read more

Fear of Delegation

Believe it or not, the photo above is not a stock photo. It’s my to-do pile on my desk and my “really need to do right now” pile on my other work space.

My name is Molly and I am a total control freak!

read more

12 Reasons to Attend Online Conferences for Virtual Assistants

Working virtually from home in my service business I find there are numerous training opportunities to expand my knowledge base as a Virtual Assistant. One trend I really love is attending online conferences as they seem to fit into my busy lifestyle (plus my budget) much easier. I realize how important it is in business to attend your industry conferences so that’s why I developed the Virtual Assistant Virtuoso Seminars (#VAVS) online conference. Our 12th season is coming up November 16-20th, 2015.

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