It’s only been a few days since two entertainment icons from my youth died. Farrah Fawcett known for tv and films and Michael Jackson known for his music and dance.   Much talk about their respective legacies has been covered in the media.

Analysis of their career choices and their respective impacts can be found in bits of media everywhere.   Farrah’s legacy was summed up “as a strong woman who looked fear in the face, who demonstrated great courage, and who always knew what she wanted regardless of whether it was the popular choice or understood by others.” Michael’s legacy was how he influenced and changed the worlds of music and dance — removing all boundaries, making the seemingly impossible possible.

This makes me pause. It makes me think. Is a legacy acquired by chance or choice?   Do virtual assistants have legacies?

I define legacy simply as two things: 1) having an impact, and 2) something of value intended to be passed on.   In this context, the answer can be “Yes!”   Admit it, right now, the names of virtual professionals who have and continue to make impacts and bring value to the virtual assistant industry are forming in your mind, aren’t they?   These are legacies in the making. . . strong individuals who are paving the way. Influencers. Trailblazers of the virtual industry.

I wonder if any of these leaders ever thought about legacy when they first opened their doors for business?   Probably not.   Would their legacy be considered “˜by chance?’

Chance lends itself to think of randomness but Einstein proved with his theory of quantum physics that even randomness or chance is governed by choice.   So, we’re back to choices – consciously made or not.

Some entrepreneurs and solopreneurs do make a conscious choice when setting up their business to leave a legacy. How? By keeping their vision in mind when setting up the groundwork for their business model. They are continually thinking ahead, that THIS business will be generational or perhaps be sold to a partner – some day, one day. As the business grows and evolves, they begin to picture their successor and plans of succession are put into motion with the grooming of the next generation.

Let’s think again of the trailblazers. Each made choices about how they wanted to run their business. Each, also, chose to share that knowledge and their experiences with those coming after them and that sharing is the seed of a legacy. Those tiny bits of sharing open the door to blossom a new growth of inspiration and motivation for others to follow. Feel the influences happening? Feel the boundaries fading and the great virtual openness widening before you? The nuggets of value get shared and wisdoms are being passed on to the next generation thereby giving birth to a budding legacy.

Every day we make choices about how we will do something, about sharing our experiences and knowledge, and about how we react to everyday events. It’s only when we look back to see how far we’ve come that we see those that have benefitted from our experiences and the sharing.

To those who have walked before me, thank you for making my path easier, for leaving me a worn place to get a foothold. For those coming behind me, may you find footholds that are strong and hands stretched out to give you a lift when you need it. And, to Farrah and Michael, may you find well deserved peace.

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