It is not surprising today that many Virtual Assistants (VA’s) are asked to help streamline social marketing activities for their clients.

Which is understandable.

Just keeping on top of comments on your Facebook page, reading tid bits of information in your twitter stream and connecting on LinkedIN is enough to make anyone’s head spin. But the question that always come up is:

“To What Extent Should a VA Manage a Client’s Social Media Presence?”

This can be a very “touchy” subject for both parties. What if the client is quite happy with the VA “tweeting” everything for them but the VA feels somewhat uncomfortable with that scenario, then create a “social media contract” and lay out the parameters for action.

Here’s a quick synopsis of how you might go about creating your own Client/VA Social Media Contract.

Lay out the Contract

Add the social media sites in question and then add statements for each task.

Facebook Fan Page

eg. VA will format and update design aspects of Facebook page as requested by client.

eg. VA will delete “inappropriate” comments form Facebook page as necessary.

Twitter Account

eg. VA will only add generic/information type tweets to the clients account, such as:

1. Upcoming events
2. Informative blog posts written by client

Blog Site

eg. VA will approve all comments in blog
eg. VA will add blog posts to site after approved by client

Add other sites such as Youtube and LinkedIN if necessary then make sure you add an area at the bottom of the document for both the client and VA signature. It just makes good business sense to know where the “line is drawn” when it comes to social media marketing for others.

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