A Virtual Assistant can offer so many skills to a partnership with any business owner that many are often overlooked. Many entrepreneurs understand how Virtual Assistants can assist with basic secretarial jobs such as word processing, editing, proofreading and formatting of documents, but don’t realize that there are so many other things a Virtual Assistant can assist them with.

female_hands_typing__4406207A huge chunk of time, for any business owner, is spent on marketing. Having a Virtual Assistant that could assist you in putting your marketing plan and your marketing ideas into action is a huge asset for any company. Perhaps it is a simple marketing campaign which includes preparing and mailing flyers, brochures and newsletters or maybe it is a more complex undertaking such as creating an internet marketing campaign including article writing, press releases and social media marketing. Also, another thing to keep in mind is that many Virtual Assistants can take it one step further and conduct the research necessary to see what your competition is doing and ensure that you always stay in step with them, if not a step ahead!

For a business owner, not only is it important to get your message out there, but it is equally as important to follow up. However, due to the busy nature of being in a managerial role, it is not always as easy as it seems and is often that one task that goes overlooked or is pushed to the backburner. Having a Virtual Assistant that can take care of remembering anniversaries and birthdays, sending thank you notes and planning an annual customer appreciation night can be a huge asset in ensuring both client retention and loyalty. Also a Virtual Assistant can take the time to survey your clients and learn ways that they feel your business could be improved and then help you to implement those changes.

As an entrepreneur, there are so many tasks that we rely on our Virtual Assistant to perform and because your assistant happens to work virtually, you forget that they can still assist with these tasks; it just takes a little more planning. Such things as travel arrangements, file conversions, purchasing and supply management, directory assistance, filing and bookkeeping can still be tasks you can be assisted with. Many times the Virtual Assistant is already completing these tasks for other clients and has a system in place to provide these services to you seamlessly.

Perhaps one of the best things about working with a Virtual Assistant is that they truly become your business support system. They can work behind the scenes to create an illusion that your business is larger than it truly is. The become a partner almost in your business. From their home office they can check emails, manage your calendar, make appointments and conduct reminder calls. Without the knowledge that your Virtual Assistant is making those calls from their own home, your clients will be convinced that you have a team of people working in your office, which lends to credibility as a business. You can also provide your Virtual Assistant with an email address so they can answer inquiries of your existing clients and provide your potential clients with business information; essentially they become the first point of contact for your company and free up time for you to spend on other, more pressing matters.

Finally, remember that your Virtual Assistant can also work together with your accountant, graphic designer, web designer and any other professional you are currently working with. By allowing your Virtual Assistant to work with these professionals to ensure your wishes and instructions are being met and the project is completed on time, you will no longer have to worry about all the “behind the scenes” details of your business.

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