A lot of small business owners are no doubt feeling the pinch of looming recession. But apparently so is the demand for outsourced business assistance. Our very own VAinsider Club is proving that economic downturn is no match for a virtual empire of home office entrepreneurs. In just one year 100s of virtual assistants have signed on to an exclusive network of business experts, marketers, speakers and coaches. Not to mention a very active RFP forum.

In a recent press release, our VAnetworking.com founder, Tawnya Sutherland, said this:

While the VAnetworking.com Forum itself enjoys a free membership base of over 10,000 people-many of them very active in the ongoing discussions there-we knew that within this market there was a segment of VAs who were prepared to invest in something geared specifically for their entrepreneurial growth and development. Right here, in the throes of a US recession, we’ve got this tightly knit group of business owners coming together to uncover very real income opportunities.

In addition to unmatched networking and educational opportunities, virtual assistants who join VAinsiders receive immediate access to various takeaways to use in their own businesses, including over 125 business templates, e-books, tutorials, charts, articles, coupons and sample contracts.

What’s incredible to me is that VAinsider membership numbers continue to increase. This tells me 2 things:

  1. Women entrepreneurs know that outsourcing is not just good for business, it’s good for business during tough economic times. It makes sense, for example, to ramp up a marketing campaign when clients are scarce. It makes even more sense to hire a high end VA (read: VAinsider) to help execute that strategy. It’s cost effective and you get results much faster than if you were to try to hire and train for such in-house (oh the pain).
  2. Women entrepreneurs understand the importance of staying sharp, focused and in the know. Recession be damned. It’s always the right time to shoot for the stars.

It would seem that recession may be pushing this bandwagon right up a hill instead of down.

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