The life of an entrepreneur can be wonderful – most times it is. You’re in control of your own schedule, you can work as much as you want or as little (depending on your goals), you can go bigger, stay smaller, make your own rules, write your own plan and you’re not at the mercy of an employer. This list could go on, but there are also some downfalls to being self-employed.

For example (I have no scientific data to back this up) I believe most entrepreneurs get bored at some point. Bored with their own businesses. You live, breathe, sleep and eat your business and some days it’s hard to find the motivation to do it another day. Sometimes you feel like you’ve become complacent, and that you’ve already “done it all” when it comes to your marketing – that there’s nowhere else to go. Of course, I believe this is just a symptom of burnout.

One thing that many of my clients have complimented me on is my ability to get them excited about their businesses. As a Virtual Assistant, I have worked with dozens of entrepreneurs and they all do things a little differently. I have a large pool of experiences to draw from because I’m learning from so many different people. Don’t get me wrong here – I don’t run around giving away confidential information or spilling top secret marketing tactics, but I can’t help but learn.

I only work with people who have businesses that I can get excited about and my life is richer for it. I can’t help but share ideas and research my clients’ industry to learn as much as I can. This all spills over into the VA/Client relationship and it’s one of the most rewarding parts of partnering with a good Virutal Assistant. (I have my own Virtual Assistants who help keep me excited about my enterprise!)

Are you excited about your business? Are your feet hitting the floor every morning eager to get your day started, or does your stomach turn with that 5:00 Sunday evening dread that most of us felt back when we had j.o.b.s?

If you’ve lost your ‘mojo’ so to speak, see if you can find yourself a Virtual Assistant. Look for someone who matches your personality, who you think can lift you up and inject some new life into your business. When you find the right person, I promise you won’t regret it.

In essence, what I’m saying is that you can even delegate motivating yourself to a Virtual Assistant!

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