Business Acts of Kindness — like the familiar random acts of kindness — are aimed towards the business needs among colleagues. I’ve been a participant as both a receiver and a giver. Most recently I requested a quote from a colleague for a teeny tiny project that some may have passed over because of its size. Much to my surprise the project was completed the same day as the request plus at a greatly reduced rate. All of this because she liked what I was working on and wanted to be a part of the work. Wow! Taking a cue from another colleague I admire, I promptly sent a gesture of appreciation for this act of kindness in the way of an e-gift card. (This colleague has surprised me numerous times with e-gift cards that I so enjoy and appreciate.)

GivingOften I’ve done something in passing that seemed so small it was barely noticeable but to the recipient it meant a lot. Some say these deeds are the practice of Paying It Forward, while others do unsolicited acts because they are able and willing to meet a need, it makes them smile, or they want to lend a hand. Many times the gestures are spontaneous but from time to time it’s done with planned intention without asking or expecting anything in return. The giver frequently gains untold benefits in terms of joy and purpose that another has been served and the cycle merrily continues on.

Most importantly, acts of kindness are relationship builders and network strengtheners. Kindnesses are extended to those who you know, like, and trust.

Take a moment to share your acts of kindness stories. Tell me if you’ve been a receiver, a giver, or both. Your experiences may prompt someone to Pay It Forward and keep the ball happily bouncing along.

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