We had a great time with Kelly McCausey on Thursday when she kicked off our free training webinars for 2014.

It’s amazing how many Virtual Assistants have crossed over into the role of a coach, consultant or trainer.

Watch the video replay here

And here’s what else Kelly had to say …

If we hopped into a time machine virtual assistant coach trainerand rolled the clock back to my earliest days in business on the internet, the term Virtual Assistant was almost completely unknown. When you met a VA and asked them to explain what they do, they would almost always compare themselves a home based secretary and go on to describe the administrative skills they provided to clients.

These days, the title of Virtual Assistant has been stretched around a much wider scope of services. There are a multitude of VA specialties covering everything from transcription to project management.

In chatting with some of the more successful VAs in business today, I’ve wondered if Virtual Assistant is really the best title to for them to embrace.

I know Virtual Assistants who have been hired by clients who want them to ‘show them’ everything they do as they do it. When they do this, aren’t they really acting as a Trainer?

When a Virtual Assistant is spending more time answering questions on the phone than they spend actually doing something for the client, aren’t they really acting as a Coach or Consultant?

Does it matter what you call yourself? I guess that depends on whether you want to be paid what you’re worth.

If you’re being tapped as a Coach, Consultant or Trainer on a regular basis, it might be time to make it official. Could be it’s time to do something about that!

Kelly McCausey has been coaching others to build successful business for years and I value her advice. If you get the chance to work with you I know you won’t regret it.

Check out her coaching program by clicking here today!

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