“Success, or failure, very often arrives on the wings that seem mysterious to us.” ~Dr. Marcus Bach

I’m not sure if Dr. Bach ever had a virtual assistant but I like his thought process. Bach made it his purpose to increase his appreciation and understanding for those he had interactions with. This makes me think about how cultivating creativity in business allows open discussions of any and all solutions.

As virtual assistants (or VAs), clients look to us to be solution finders . . . or solution providers. Working as partners equally invested in the successes of the business, VAs get excited about where the company is headed and that satisfies their personal interests in making a valuable impact along the way. The enthusiasm brought to the table can be a catalyst for creativity that sustains a project or breathes new life into a vision that may have dried up.

Working together with the approach that there are no wrong approaches in the process opens so many doors. It’s not to say that common business sense doesn’t apply but it removes the perceived limitations and encourages out-of-the-box thinking.

So, how does the creativity cultivation process take place?

It begins with the business owner’s realization that a company of any size cannot sustain growth on the back of one person. It is vital to the health of the business to have support, loyalty, trust, and a continual stream of ideas. It’s in these moments that the business owner becomes the client and a virtual assistant alliance is formed.

Think about those brainstorming sessions that are judgment free. The ones where ideas are flying and soon a thought is piggybacked onto something else that was said and then . . . “Shazam!” The birth of a new fresh idea was just witnessed. Those free-wheeling brainstorming sessions can be electrifying and that’s when the magic really begins to happen. Each idea sparks off another as the two collaborate together. Simply put it’s “synchronicity in action.”

Both the client and the VA come away energized. Ready to get the ball rolling. Ready to tackle any hurdle that comes up along the way of this new solution. I encourage business owner’s who become clients to be the pipeline rather than a chink in the creativity that is brought to the table by a forward-thinking virtual assistant. It’s not the time to squash creativity like a bug but time to watch the wings of the idea open and unfold before your very eyes ready for you to take hold and give it flight.

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