Starting a new business?

Starting a new business has many challenges and the new business owner can easily become overwhelmed by all the things that need to be done. A very simple solution is to partner with a Virtual Assistant who can take care of so many of the little details and keep the confusion down to a minimum.

It can be stressful to hire someone before you even have your “doors” open for business but it’s not like hiring an employee. By hiring a VA you only pay for actual work done so your money is not wasted on things like benefits, equipment, coffee breaks, time off, etc.

A VA will work with you as a “partner” who has a vested interested in your success. They aren’t actually a real partner in your business itself but remember if you do well in your new venture your VA is also successful with her own personal business. It definitely can be a winning situation for both parties and can continue to be beneficial for both as your business grows.

Without even doing a lot of research I can think of many things a Virtual Assistant can do for a new business owner to make the process go smoothly.

The following 10 things a Virtual Assistant can do for a business owner are just a small portion of a very long list.

  1. Research competitors / customers / products and make recommendations prior to even starting.
  2. Work with you developing a business plan
  3. Assist with leases, purchasing, etc for physical location
  4. Register for business licenses, etc required in your area
  5. Create / manage marketing products
    1. Website
    2. Logo
    3. Business name / search / registration
    4. Design business cards / stationery
    5. Brochures
    6. Sales Letters
    7. Assist with locating accountant / lawyer
  6. Work with you to develop a marketing plan
    1. Offline advertising
    2. Online marketing through social media networks
    3. Research and register you for business associations
    4. Write and distribute a press release
  7. Be a sounding board for you to test new ideas, goals, frustrations, or even triumphs

Wouldn’t it be a good feeling to have all of that taken care of with no fuss or muss? It can easily be done by hiring a Virtual Assistant, remembering they are virtual not right around the corner. However, it doesn’t really matter where they are located because their work can easily be done via internet, email, telephone or courier. Why waste any more of your time ~ partner with a Virtual Assistant today.

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